Tracking number sent, I've waited almost a month, and no movement

Got an email on July 30th stating that my 4 week shipment of Soylent had gone out, providing me with a tracking number. The tracking number is not found on the FedEx website, and package has landed at the destination. I tried responding to the email and got an autoresponse saying that my email would be replied to within 7 days… that was on the 7th of this month, and no response.

Is my shipment stuck in limbo?

tagging @JulioMiles @MattCauble @ana for you. They can help!

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Also, in case anyone else has the same problem and finds this thread: don’t wait so long. If there’s no movement or anything beyond “tracking info sent to fedex” you should contact them after 2-4 days (at least, that’s how long mine have taken to get moving, generally it’s the next day).


As someone who for years prepared mass shipments for bi-monthly distribution, I agree. All that first message means is that the information for the waybill has been posted on the courier’s database (usually via their website, occasionally by proprietary software). It doesn’t even mean that an actual waybill has been produced. In my shop, it meant the waybills were produced but they were sitting in a nice neat pile waiting for the materials to be gathered, sometimes a gap of two or three weeks. (I was working in medical proficiency testing, not in consumers goods, and all my shipments left on the date that was on the published schedule.)

So once you have your tracking number, as a Soylent consumer, you should expect that the boxes are packed and picked up within a week or so. Anything after that, merits a followup to make sure that the (a) the waybill was actually printed, and (b) the labels were produced. For some reason, a lot of the problems seem to be lost labels (and hence lost packages because the shippers rely on the labels for some reason).

Once the courier posts the “picked up from” message then it’s time to nag the courier.

For about two years, I worked with a courier who would frequently not track anything at all. A visit to the tracking site would yield the information that the record was created but nothing else. Meanwhile the sites had clearly gotten my packages because they were able to send their proficiency response faxes.



Thanks for the heads-up, @shnwntrs – we’ll overnight your order today or tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Sweet! That’s amazing!



Same problem here. Received tracking number last Thursday and FedEx shows “Not Found” in their system. Really looking forward to trying this stuff. @JulioMiles @MattCauble

Hi @AKTigger99645! I’m really sorry about this. I’m tagging @soylent here so they can look into your order and get this resolved as soon as possible. I will keep an eye on this so please feel free to respond here if you don’t see anything by this weekend.

I did reply to the original tracking e-mail with this information, so maybe they will look into it from that. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Disregard @MattCauble and @Soylent
Just received my items! Tracking number in the original e-mail didn’t match what was on the package. When I looked up the new number on FedEx’s web site, it showed the delivery.


And now I received a shipment notification for more. @MattCauble @Soylent, you might want to let them know I received my missing Soylent yesterday with a different tracking number than the original e-mail.

I had the same problem… Got the first notification, then about 5 days went by with no other info on the tracking site. Then I got a second notification with a different tracking number, so I figured there was just some hiccup the first time.

Of course then I got two orders within a day of each other, and the first tracking number STILL shows nothing, so… I have no idea what happened.

@Cobalt Did you keep the second shipment or send it back? I’m waiting to hear what @Soylent wants me to do.

If you end up with an extra delivery they have been saying to keep it without issue.

Probably a good idea for everyone to keep letting them know when it happens though, hopefully the data will help them fix the issues.

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Yes, I still have it. I’ve been watching to see what they say, according to @kennufs they’ve said to keep the extras.

Keep or feel free to give it away to someone who is waiting (not me).

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Jumping on this thread since I’ve got the same/similar issue.

I received the Soylent shipping notification email with tracking number on Dec 12. It’s now Dec 27 and nothing has changed; FedEx link says label created (Shipment information sent to FedEx) on Dec 11.

It’s been over 2 weeks with no tracking updates. Tried almost a week ago; no response.

Will appreciate any help here. Thanks!

@daveyflakes Apologies for the shipping mishap here. A replacement has been scheduled to ship in 2-3 business days. Expect a tracking email shortly after it ships. Thanks!

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Thank you! Got the new email and shipment. Cheers!

I’ve been having the same problem. Ordered 2 weeks worth of Soylent on July 31st.
Got my shipping notice the next day, complete with tracking number.
I’ve been checking it every day, it still hasn’t shipped.

The email said I should be getting my Soylent on August 7th at the latest.
Nearly two weeks in limbo, something is wrong.