Tracking number sent, I've waited almost a month, and no movement


The next thing to do if you haven’t already is email Also did you happen to get the tracking info in your notification? It’s usually toward the bottom. If it is still in the " labels printed" stage then your order is defiantly in limbo. The customer support team will help.


Yes, I have the tracking number, that’s how I know the package still hasn’t shipped.
I’ve just sent them mail, that’s a good idea, thank you.

It seems to me that they are printing the label and assigning the tracking number way too early.
I’d prefer that packing the boxes and printing the labels be closely coordinated activities.


The process for generating the labels automatically add the tracking number. Hundreds of orders are sent through the process daily ( maybe thousands). There was a blog where they described how some of the labels might stick to each other in the process of printing. It was a very low number but when it’s your order that got missed that’s important. I’m sure @Conor is forwarding this to the right folks. Let us know how it goes.


I’m glad to hear that things are finally happening.
But I would suggest one change.

At the end of the day, the count of boxes packed, and the count of labels printed should be the same number. If not, there’s a problem.

There’s no way everything can go perfectly every time.
But at least that way they would notice the problem the day it happens.
Instead of waiting for a customer to start asking questions.


Could you please PM me with all the details of your order so I can expedite the process.


I had another thought as I was driving home yesterday… all those shipping labels have tracking numbers and bar codes for a reason.

Soylent ought to scan the boxes as they go out the door.

Since they already have the list of tracking numbers issued, and they can easily generate the list of tracking numbers shipped, it should be possible to create a report of unshipped boxes, sorted by timestamp , with a column for elapsed time since label creation.

Such a discrepancy report could and ought to be generated automatically, every day.
And it could even generate alerts whenever it found that the age of an unshipped box was greater than 24 hours.

It seems to me that this kind of problem could be easily and automatically detected.
And eventually, it ought to be.


I’m now becoming seriously unhappy with Soylent Customer service.
This is a problem that could, and should have been detected automatically.
And I finally wrote to customer service on Thursday, and I got a very nice
reply the next day, which was last Friday, August 14th:

We sincerely apologize for the delay with your order and have opened
an investigation into the issue. In the meantime we will get a
replacement out to you as soon as possible! While we have limited
control over orders once they are picked up by our shipping partner,
we are working closely with them to resolve this issue and thank you
for your patience and understanding. Please allow several days for
your replacement order to process.

I think, a replacement as soon as possible, that will be good.
And even though you can send FedEx on Saturday, Monday ought to be
fine. But there’s nothing Monday, or Tuesday. Nothing about the
result of their investigation. No announcement of replacement order
on its way.

Then today I get another letter:

We would just like to remind you that we’re still waiting to hear back
from you. Your request (#117292) has been pending for 5 days. Please
respond at your earliest convenience so that we can help resolve your

They are waiting for me???
Waiting for what???
If they had requested further information, I would have sent it.
If they said they wanted my permission to start the investigation,
I would have given it.
If they wanted me to confirm I still want my order I would have
done so.
I’ve already given them the tracking number, and my order number.
And they have my email too.

But now they tell me they’ve done nothing for five days.
And send me a link to a page that doesn’t accept my password.

Meanwhile I’m now out of Soylent, it’s back to Jack in the Box for me.

This is NOT good customer relations.
At this point, I am officially disgruntled.


Here’s another official complaint…

They sent me a link to a page at

The link takes me to a page that asks me to login, but I can’t.
My password doesn’t work.
Reset password doesn’t seem to work either.

So this morning, I log into the main site, with my password.
It works fine.
I log into discourse, and that works too.
But, the link that customer service sent me still doesn’t work.
Even though I am still logged into the main site, and the forum.
It asks me to log in.


And the main site says they shipped my order on August 1st.
But anyone who checks the tracking number will see that FedEx never got it.
It was NEVER shipped.

I am now seriously angry.
This has been a horrible user experience.


When did you send the information to Conor, as requested?


I sent all the information to Conor last Thursday evening, August 13th at 7:38 pm.
I got an autoreply saying he was out of the office and would look into it in the morning.
But I never heard anything further from him.


The situation is now resolved, they finally sent me a replacement for the order that was lost.

And this time, they actually sent it; FedEx confirms it is in transit, and I was finally able to set “Hold at location”.

They told me last Thursday they would send a replacement as soon as possible.
I had thought the issue was was resolved then.

But this time, they actually did send it, which is all I wanted.