Tracking with MyFitnessPal


Would be interesting to build a tracking group on myfitnesspal to see how peoples stats are panning out after starting soylent. Who’s in? List your myfitnesspal username if you are in. Don’t have my Soylent yet, but mine is rooper66


I already have a MFP account so I’d be in.


My Account is torrentX


Benji, what’s your myfitnesspal username?


Good question! I don’t actually know… will need to find out.


Can’t miss out on all the fun, so I just created a MFP account as…



Mine is willarnett



Got it, LondonBenji



mine is Mystify89, we’ll see how this goes


My MFP username is Rbet415. I don’t have my order of Soylent yet so I hope I get shipping notification before my ebay supply runs out.


Just made one - good idea. username is konacj


My username is DepriveMe


mine is casssax.

I’m getting my 4 weeks early next week ( or late this week).

I figured I’d start by putting what I eat now so I can compare once I start with Soylent.


How are you logging your Soylent cals on MFP? I want to do it by scoop + 1.5 tsp of oil (since I am trying to mix batches that are smaller than a pouch. I see now on MFP that a serving for the soylent is 148 grams, is this equivalent to 1 scoop of soylent + 1.5 tsp oil?


Until I get my Vessyl, I’ve given up even attempting to track my Soylent consumption with MFP. Just too much hassle, not worth the time required and all I can do is roughly estimate anyway. My cup should track it for me dangit! =)


I drink the same amount each day ( 1500 calories ) so it’s pretty easy to track. Then I just include any other food I eat.

When a full pouch is mixed to 2L then it’s just about 1 calorie/ml. I also add an extra 1/4 Tsp salt each day.



I track by ounce of prepared Soylent.

Got out of the habit and haven’t tracked my intake since going out of town a couple of weeks ago though. I was out of cell range for several days, and it was a beautiful thing. :slight_smile:


Out of cell range? Is that a thing??


On Sprint, a terrible reality even in the metro area.


Yea try ATT in the North Carolina Mountains.
Edit: I have been using MFP to track and I use the base measurement of 148g and change the number of servings based on the volume. There was another entry for 22 ounces that was the same as the 148 g but it was missing the vitamin components. So assuming ( yea I know) 148g = 22 ounces if I consume 11 ounces that would be 1/2 serving.