Trade 3 weeks of 1.3 for 1.4 or 1.5 in Los Angeles


Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone’s Sunday is going well! I am leaving for a trip this coming Tuesday, and would like to take my 3 weeks worth of Soylent with me because food will not be as accessible, however I only have 3 weeks of 1.3 and I like 1.4 better because the minimal amount of grit, the taste, and it causes me less digestive issue (i.e. Stomach cramping/ needing to poop). Seeing as I live in Los Angeles, I am calling out to all the LA based Soylent-ers that have 3 weeks worth of 1.4 or 1.5 that they would be wanting or willing to trade with me for 3 weeks worth of 1.3. If so, I’d really appreciate and would like to meetup and exchange it either today(Sunday 06/14) or tomorrow (Monday 06/15), since I will be leaving in the morning the day after tomorrow (Tuesday 06/16). Thank you very much and sorry for the short notice! Hopefully there is someone out there not enjoying their 1.4 and longing for some 1.3!:slight_smile:


I’d be up for this. I have to stay home and work all day. I don’t know where you are based, but would you be willing to come to La Canada? We have a lot of extra 1.4


Hey, I’m interested. I sent you a message, I’m not sure if you received it yet or not?