Trading 1.4 for 1.3


Hello, I thought I’d see if anyone is interested in trading their 1.3 for my 1.4. I’m very allergic to sunflower seeds, so no 1.4 for me. I have 5 weeks of it at the moment. I don’t want the oil that comes with 1.3, so shipping will be about the same. I live in reno, so as far as shipping goes 3 weeks of 1.4 is about $20 shipping if you live on the west coast, and fits into 2 large flat rate boxes for $30 if you’re far away. We wouldn’t be charging each other shipping, just giving you an idea of the associated costs.

Let me know if you’re interested, thanks!! I’ve already traded with @asympt, lots of thanks again for that!


I still have about three weeks of 1.0 if you’re interested. I’ve been DIYing, so haven’t been using it lately, but I’m curious enough about 1.4 to swap it out.


i’m only trading for 1.3, thanks for the reply though! 1.0 had way too much sucralose, and also the gas problem was only fixed in 1.3.


If you cant sell it or consume it, you could try adding some of it in your DIY versions.


I did use a DIY based on my extra Soylent for a while, I was stretching a bag into three days IIRC. It won’t work at all with my current DIY as I’ve gone to a keto mix.

I never had any gas issues with 1.0, and the sucralose isn’t an issue for me, I just like my DIY better. I’m just curious about the changes in 1.4 so I thought I’d put it out there.


i know, i was just saying…


No issue with V1.0 here. Am in the S.F. Bay area.


bump :slight_smile: hope someone is interested


I have six 1.3 that I’d be willing to trade for six 1.4. message me


Rather than respond to an inactive, six-week thread, you will probably find more interest in Proactive desire to swap 1.4 and 1.3 thread.


Good call thanks, Ric