Trading v1.1 for v1.3


I’ve been eating 1.1 for a month or so (can’t remember when exactly I started). I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I don’t really like it very much. It doesn’t taste bad or anything, but I find myself gravitating to non-Soylent foods more often and usually lose interest in Soylent after one meal (though if I go a day or two without it I still move back towards my Soylent).

The lack of interest combined with an inability to buy other food has ultimately resulted in my calorie intake being reduced to 50-66% of my previous intake and has caused me to lose 12 pounds in the last two months (not sure how much is fat and how much is muscle, but I can fit into pants I couldn’t fit into last year).

But while the weight loss is nice, I don’t feel good and the cravings are frustrating when I can’t afford to do anything but keep chugging along on my existing supply of Soylent.

tl;dr; I want to try the latest version of Soylent for 1.1 if anybody prefers 1.1


I would recommend you post this trade over at r/SoylentMarket, and at r/Soylent. More exposure may help, and while I’ve seen some crossover there seem to be a lot of unique users between the boards here and there.


I tried at the SoylentMarket subreddit. Hopefully I remember to check back later…