Transferring Schmoylent/Soylent to another container?


How bad of an idea is it to transfer the powder to another container so they aren’t separated in individual bags? Would it put the product at risk for being exposed to the elements and being combined into one receptacle?

I have had a scenario where one of my mixes of Schmoylent had orange blotches in it and a couple tiny chunks that were green with orange specs on it. They appeared immediately after adding the water and shaking it up and the powder was only a couple weeks old. All of my mixes of Schmoylent seem to have orange blotches no matter what, immediately after mixing. It is possible that the mineral water purifier I am using is creating a reaction with the powder… Maybe?

Either way, here is the container I am considering transferring the powder into:


Totally uninitiated on this topic but the bags don’t seem to be vacuum sealed and they don’t ship with any desiccants inside so I would imagine it would be okay for Soylent, provided the container is bone dry.

I always did like those little push-button container lids. Kind of a pain to clean, but if you’re storing dry goods anyway it’s not really a problem


I don’t know about Schmoylent specifically, but exposing the powder to air may degrade the nutrients.