Transition to a different product while waiting for 1.7

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick)

There were/are some curious people about different products that are available while waiting for Rosa Labs to ship its new 1.7 powder.

I would like to share my Joylent experience with you. Joylent is considered a competitor now that they have a warehouse in the United States. Additionally, if your items do ship from Europe, they offer 5€ shipping.

The first thing that you encounter with Joylent is their webpage. It’s done well enough but could use a bit of help. Instead of products dynamically loading on the first page fold there is a lot of scrolling down. Next you will notice everything is in Euros with no way to change the cost to USD. I was informed that the US cost is displayed on top of the checkout button, it’s labeled “US Indication.”

Joylent sells four different powder versions: Joylent, Joylent Vegan, Joylent Wake Up, Joylent Sport. Joylent and Joylent Vegan share the same price point. Whereas Joylent Wake Up and Joylent Sport carry a premium.

Flavors & Cost:

Joylent: ($33.13 -15 meals, 5 bags / $60.73 - 30 meals, 10 bags / $165.63 - 90 meals, 30 bags)

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Mango

Joylent Vegan: ($33.13 -15 meals, 5 bags / $60.73 - 30 meals, 10 bags / $165.63 - 90 meals, 30 bags)

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Banana

Joylent Wake Up: ($41.41 -15 meals, 5 bags / $77.86 - 30 meals, 10 bags / $218.63 - 90 meals, 30 bags)

  • Cappuccino

Joylent Sport: ($41.41 -15 meals, 5 bags / $77.86 - 30 meals, 10 bags / $218.63 - 90 meals, 30 bags)

  • Banana

They do have a United States warehouse, but it’s hard to find, or navigate to the page dedicated to the In stock products at the US warehouse. The only way I have figured out how to get to the US warehouse landing page is to google search: Joylent US Warehouse, which brings you to here: ( Prices are still in Euros.

Pricing is a tad cheaper compared to Soylent powder. Additionally, the more you order, the less the price - volume order discount. However, unlike their regular website the Twenny Bars don’t get volume order discounts from the US warehouse. (Twenny bars do get a volume discount when ordering from their EU warehouse.)

Serving sizes: The serving size for Joylent is a bit different. Each pouch has three servings of 704 calories per serving (173 grams.)

Instructions have you fill a shaker bottle with 500ml of water, (a little more than 16oz.) Add 3.5 scoops of Joylent powder (173 grams.) Shake until dissolved and consume. They provide the plastic scoop, which you must select to include with your order free of charge. They also give you a free blender bottle with your first order, (they discount your order for the cost of the blender bottle.)

I found the scoop to be annoying and cheap, so I haven’t used it. I also didn’t want to eat a 700 calorie meal. So I decided to take 520 grams, the contents of a bag, and divide by 4, with a result of 130 grams yielding 530 calorie meals. I mixed 130 grams with 14oz of water in a blender bottle, with the end result of 16oz. It turns out that two heaping Soylent scoops results in about 120g of Joylent powder!

Joylent mixed easily without clumping or sticking using filtered water. Leaving it in the fridge overnight led to separation, all the water was at the top with the heavier elements at the bottom, there was also a foam- thin slick layer floating on top of the water.

So far I have only tasted the banana. The banana surprised me, the flavor was subdued- not overly strong and not candy like. The mI have put imitation banana extract in Soylent before, it comes through tasting like candy and overly sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed the banana flavor Joylent. It starts out oaty and gritty, with a nice pleasant banana, not too sweet at all, and according to the ingredient list - the flavor comes from freeze dried banana powder.

Texture is where Joylent suffers. It’s very grainy and it stays that way. Comparing to Soylent 1.5, Joylent doesn’t get smoother overnight, texture stayed about the same from first mix even being put in the fridge overnight. Joylent separated much more dramatically indicating low solubility of the ingredients. It is slightly scratchy on the throat when drinking but not bad, just to remind you how silky smooth 1.6 was.

I will continue to update this thread as I try other flavors and offerings from Joylent.

I am enjoying my Joylent experience while I wait for 1.7. I encourage Soylent to concentrate on flavor offerings.

(This is based off of standard Joylent powder. Not Vegan, Wake Up, or Sport.)


FYI, the USA site does list what it calls a “USD indication” that is the translation to the American price: for example, €30 = $33.19 which could be the price for one shaker bottle of a non-subscription order. Something like that.

Thanks for the information! I’m not ordering Joylent, but it is nice to know.

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AhHa! Yes, I see this now. You need to start adding meals for it to appear. Its near the bottom, the “USD indication” appears on top of the “Order Now” button. I wish there was a simpler way to have all prices appear in USD, but this is better than nothing at all. :slight_smile:


I have been considering Joylent to try. How long did it take to arrive? Also how much cheaper did it end up approximately in consideration for a box of soylent powder? I’m not a cheapskate but really the 54 bucks is about right for me. I have tried the 100% food which is quite tasty but doesn’t quite give me the “full” feeling like Soylent. I am also a little concerned of the seeds long term as I have diverticulitis. But other than that it is quite good. Thank you for your help

Looked at Joylent Sport. It has creatine. Surprising to have that mixed in! Creatine gave a really noticeable boost athletically (I do rock climbing, mostly indoors), but within a couple weeks I was getting tendon pain in my elbow, and after a few months I’d pulled a couple muscles. Studies don’t show increased injury with people who take creatine, but there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence similar to mine. I suspect that creatine let me work out a lot harder, which caused these injuries. After I stopped taking it these problems stopped happening, so I’m going to be avoiding it from now on.


I ordered some on 11/03/2016 and it is supposed to arrive today (so about 5 days to ship to Connecticut).

Only problem is that they shipped it DHL and it is signature required. I work 9-5 so I’ll most likely never be home when it arrives. I’ll probably have to go pick it up somewhere.

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It took five days from the time I placed my order, to arrival - shipping from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Eastern Washington, USA.

I’ll let you do the cost breakdown since it will vary depending on how much you order, and where the order comes from (shipping cost.) Additionally, the cost will fluctuate with the exchange rate from EUR to USD.

Mine shipped FedEx and did require a signature. However, if you set up an account with FedEx you can have your signature on file and authorize them to leave packages automatically.

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I’m curious to hear about how satisfying you found Joylent compared to an equivalent portion of Soylent. Were you just as satisfied? Did it last as long? Thanks.

This is wrong, shipping from Europe is only $5/€5

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Do you mean satiated? I find it equal to Soylent 1.5. I found Soylent 1.5 more satiating than 1.6.

Yes, that’s what I meant. And I agree, I also found 1.5 more satiating, so that’s good news.

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You would be correct, I updated my post.

Pulled this over from a different thread:

Just tried my first Twenny bar. The texture is mealy, it’s like oatmeal in a bar form. Very neutral - rolled oat flavor, not sweet, light hint of banana. Thing was huge compared to FoodBar. There is less banana flavor than the Joylent powder.

The most important thing, I physically feel full, like I just had a meal.

While I like the texture of FoodBar more, it’s very sweet and is almost akin to a dessert. I like Twenny bar more overall because it’s very neutral in flavor and I feel full.

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Mango Flavor: The taste of the oats come through right away. Then there is a mango seed flavor that I tasted right away. So, when you cut up a fresh mango there is that HUGE seed in the center, the first flavor almosts taste like the fibers and the tough part of the mango closest to the seed. That first flavor subsides and you are left with a nice pleasant mango flavor, not too strong and not too sweet. The ingredient lists freeze dried mango powder for its flavoring.

Verdict: I liked the mango! I didn’t think I would, but because it tastes authentic and is not overly sweet or candy like, its nice and refreshing.

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Strawberry Flavor: Ok, have you had Quaker Instant Oatmeal Strawberries and Cream? This is a very similar flavor but so much better! Again, the oat flavor comes through right away. The strawberry flavor is light and pleasant, there are bigger bits of freeze dried strawberry that swell so there a bits of strawberry in your breakfast. The Strawberry tastes very natural - because its is - it makes for a better experience than the artificial flavorings you find in other products.

So far, I like the flavors in this order: Banana, Mango, Strawberry.

I’m interested to hear your opinion of chocolate powder, as so far your opinion has been very similar to mine (other than in regards to the bar), and chocolate is my least favourite flavour.

I just had the Chocolate Twenny Bar for the first time. The consistency wasn’t as dense as the banana, it was soft. The oat flavor came through first but the chocolate itself was very unsweetened, like unsweetened cocoa powder. The flavor was much more pronounced in flavor than the banana.

It felt like a full meal for n my stomach and I felt satiated for a few hours.

I liked the banana Twenny Bar more than the chocolate. I think I liked the subsdued banana flavor more than the pronounced chocolate flavor.

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Today I tried both the Vanilla and the Chocolate.

The vanilla was very nice, it was mellow but still very much at the forefront. The vanilla flavor came through before the oats, however the sucralose was more apparent with the vanilla more than any of the other Joylent flavors.

The chocolate was disappointing, the flavor hardly comes through and tastes more like a watered down Ovaltine. I think they need to go back to the drawing board for a better chocolate. My plan is to mix the vanilla and chocolate together to get a more satisfying flavor.

The flavors ordered from the ones I liked most to least:

Banana, Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate trailing far behind.

Lots of other businesses are starting up to compete with Soylent. The Meal Squares look promising, and 100% Food looks good too - I keep seeing ads for it on FB. But all of them have flaws. They are all more expensive than Soylent, and most contain lactose and whey (which counts me out). And isn’t Joylent made in India? I’m sticking with Soylent.

Joylent is made in the Netherlands, not India. You could try Schmilk or Athlete Fuel by SuperBodyFuel if you’re interested in alternatives that don’t have whey/lactose.

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