Transporting Soylent


The delay in Soylent has meant that my three month order is going to overlap with my month trip back to the UK (December).

Once I start Soylent I am going to be exclusively Soylent for as long as possible but going to the UK I’m worried about transporting it. I suppose I could order one month and get it sent straight to the UK but that’s another story…

Going from the US to the UK by air, how likely is it going to be confiscated?


I think someone on the soylent subreddit…


I’ve made 3 trips with Soylent. Twice in my carry on and more recently in a checked bag to Ecuador. No one has even blinked at it wven when it was in plain ziplock bags. Now it is in official packaging. I do know one of the Soylent team members did get questioned by TSA on one trip. He just told them what it was and they were OK.