Travel to India with enough Soylent for a month

Hey ya’ll, wondering if you all could help.

I’m going to India (!) and intending to bring enough Soylent to feed my 3 person family 2 meals a day (!!) for a month (!!!). I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for traveling with that much powder Soylent. I know how much I’m going to be bringing (something like 5 boxes total), I’m just worried about customs and possibly being accused of smuggling. Would a doctor’s note help at all? Any other recs?


No advice. Just the thought - wow, to me that would be the worst idea ever. When I travel eating the local food is half the fun of the trip. While Soylent is great and has made my life more pleasant, I would never take it along on a trip to a new place!

Unless you and your family have lived in India before and the food wouldn’t be exciting to you, this seems nuts to me.


I second that. Eating is one of the best parts of travelling.

I would expect Indian customs to probably bend you over a stool and ***** ***** **** to death.
Because they’ll be backwards and uneducated. (not because they’re indian)
Also you can’t really just bring “food” with you normally.
The five boxes will weigh like 40-50 pounds, off the top of my head. it will take quite a while to whittle that weight down.

The three of us have very, very restrictive diets for a variety of reasons, and Soylent is readily available, easy and convenient. There’s a few other reasons as well, but Soylent is the best choice for us. We will still be eating, but one meal a day will be frustrating enough. We are really looking forward to the food in India, but taking Soylent along is the best decision for us.

Weight aside, do you think a doctor’s note will be sufficient for the Indian customs to not ***** ***** **** us to death?


No. There’s really strict laws on the transport of goods that aren’t people. And your tons of powder looks like drugs. They’ll probably seize it and burn it. They won’t bother investigating to save time/be lazy.

Hm. That’s concerning. It’s a lot of food to just be thrown away. Thanks for the heads up.

I have a restrictive diet as well. Mine is more mental than physical. I have a hate relationship with food. If I had to go to another country I would be taking Soylent or having it shipped.

We kind of have to. We’re going to be doing a lot of travel, and besides meeting all the dietary needs, Soylent is also really, really easy.

Have you tried contacting the Indian consulate to see what documentation you would need to bring your food wirh you due to dietary restrictions? Even if you don’t live near a consulate I’m sure you can find a phone number on Google. Safe travels​:airplane:️:mountain_railway::oncoming_taxi:


I tried calling and the consulate near me has a very poor grade in terms of answering their phone! I’ve emailed and I’ll call again on Monday, so fingers crossed! Thanks! :smile:

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I brought a couple of bags with me to India, and there was no problem. I think one of the bags was missing, probably because customs wanted to check it out. Still, I didn’t eat a lot of soylent there. Indian cuisine is delicious and cheap. You will probably also get sick from it at some point, but it is still worth it.

I’d lean towards shipping it well ahead of time… Less to carry through airport customs, and you can confirm whether it got there before going.

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