Traveling abroad, and traveling a bit rough


So here’s one for the experience logs.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been traveling abroad, and then to an outdoor music festival. As most already know, traveling nationally isn’t an issue, and I can add to the experience noting international travel (between US and Europe, at least) isn’t an issue.

As for the music festival, it worked out perfectly; so long as you had ice.

We used:

  • 1x Mason Jar
  • Two thermos cans (> 1liter each)
  • Cooler
  • 1x 1 cup scoop
  • Olive oil
  • Ice
  • Water
  • 1x small rag (to wipe off excess & spillage)

I would mix up a batch in the evening for the morning, and a batch in the morning for the evening. Everything was thrown into the mason jar, shaken like a polaroid, and then dumped into the thermos where it would be consumed later.

The mason jar is really what helped the most in preparing; easy to mix everything in (the thermos’ tops are too narrow), and easy to see when it’s all mixed thoroughly. Like most versions, letting it sit before eating helped the taste by leaps and bounds. Despite the thermos cans, we still left them in the cooler to make sure they stayed cool, especially as we were in the sun most of the day anyways.

For four days, our ‘groceries’ for two people fit into two 3.4qt containers, containing four days of soylent each. As an added bonus, compared to most other campsites, we had almost no trash for foodstuffs. A definite win for the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy.