Traveling with S/soylent in the US


Good News Everyone! The TSA doesn’t have any explicit rules about large jugs of mixed or separated powders, or at least not in practice through two major airports. I was able to get through with a couple glass jars of individual powders and a large jug of premixed soylent powder, despite some very confused glances and calls to superiors (which took all of an extra two minutes). Calling it a protein mix seemed to alleviate most of said confused looks.

I took the risk of taking everything as a carry on because having to check my bag (and pay a fee) any time I wanted to bring a couple days worth was getting annoying, and expensive.

Keep in mind: Monosodium Phosphate and Methylsulfonylmethane (these were in individual jars) did set off their radiation detectors (or that’s what I was told), and had to be individually checked. An agent simply pulled a bit of each powder out, threw it on a piece of tape, waited for a reaction from two liquids, no reaction took place, and then let me go on my way!


We had the same worries, especially in the early days when we were using ziploc bags for daily servings – but we’ve all travelled many times with 7-14 days of Soylent in our carry-on without any issues at all!

That’s pretty interesting about the radiation detectors, I wonder what kind of readings they gave off!


I’ve been travelling every week for a month or so with 3 days worth pre-mixed in 3 ziplocks without any issues. I’ve had to have my maltodextrin in a separate bag a couple times and was concerned it would cause alarm, but they didn’t even ask to pull it out of my carry-on.

I lament the inability to carry liquids on-board, as that means I can’t have soylent on my travel day (my recipe calls for milk and some form of blending, so I can’t just mix with water after security). Maybe someday that restriction will be lifted.

Travelling with Soylent will be my primary use, so anything to make the process easier will be appreciated.


In the last 5 months I have traveled both domestic and international ( Ecuador) with Soylent in carry on and checked bags. Never even a blink from security or customs. That includes the days of ziplock bags and the latest package of beta. Taking some with me next week :smile:


The TSA is SUPPOSED to allow various liquids through for dietary/medicinal needs. It may require a doctor’s note or similar.