Tried a little Xylitol instead of Stevia


I noticed a package of xylitol while shopping, thought I’d give it a try.
Added a little of it to my batch of Soylent this morning.
The taste was quite good, better than Stevia I thought, but now when I think about the flavor am feeling a little queasy.
Does anyone else have any experience with xylitol and Soylent to share?



I’ve been using xylitol with my morning coffee and it has been fine. This morning I used it in my Soylent and it was also fine, though I liked Stevia better.


are you using actual stevia extract i.e. what your likely to find at a Trader Joes or similar store or are you using something like Pure Via or Truvia? I only ask because they offer somewhat different flavor profiles.

as far as xylitol goes, be mindful that it still has calories (though fewer then actual sugar) and can cause people varying levels of distress. Malitol is probably the worst offender here but the reality is, for the unprepared and unseasoned i.e. folks who haven’t consumed sugar alcohol regularly, it can be an out of body experience, i.e. everything in your body wants out of your body :confused:


I’m using Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia. I adjusted to the xylitol with no difficulty.


Thank you all for the feedback. I may try a different Stevia brand. Xylitol was a good idea, but I just didn’t care for the flavor