Truck driver soon to start drinking soylent, pre-post

So, I am an over the road truck driver, and I intend to start drinking soylent as my main source of sustenance. This is a pre-post for thoughts, comments, curiosities, questions, and interests. I will include all information i think may be relevant.

I am 5’11", roundabouts 270lb, and i drive a big truck with a big 53’ trailer, weighing up to 80,000 lbs total, all over the US. I spend the vast majority of my time sitting. Not much exercise.

The reasons for trying soylent:

Food has became a chore. When I get the pang of hunger, I sigh and think. “Now I have to find a place to stop and get some food.” … most of the time. Very rarely, I actually get an urge for something specific… if I switch to soylent, I can accomplish many goals. I can get more nutrition, I believe I can lose weight, I can have sustenance available for when I get stuck at a shipper for extended periods of time, and I can be more efficient with my time, as well as be less restricted or where I stop for breaks or sleep.

My intent:

I just bought 35 bags of soylent 1.5, and will be getting home to collect them in a couple weeks… I also bought a vaping machine to help move off smoking analog cigarettes, I bought 35 1-dram bottles of super strength lorann oils, a bunch of “opti vitamins” and 180ml of ejuice.

My intent is to mix up a pitcher, transfer half to a 1-liter thurmus, flavor it, and drink that throughout the day. Take two vitamins during that day as well, and then drink the other half of the pitcher the next day, rince, and repeat… lower calories may belp me lose weight, and/or leave room for if i happen to get an urge to eat something different.

All comments/tips/questions welcome and encouraged… I will edit post or reply with experiences and thoughts, if and when I begin the regiment, and if I remember And have time to write said posts.

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Welcome. I wouldn’t bother with the vitamins if I were you, but Soylent should work out ok. You should save some money over truckstop food, and be healthier.

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Thanks. I only added the vitamins to my plan since I intend to drink only half the recommended dosage of soylent… and I already bought the vitamins, lol.

Am I understanding correctly, you are planning on consuming 1,000 calories a day? Or do you plan on having regular food daily as well?

I hope you are not going to only drink 1,000 calories a day. As a 5’11 270 lb male your BMR is probably about 2200 calories. I think you could consume a full pitcher (2,000 calories) a day and still lose weight. If you consume only 1,000 you’re liable to get hangry and pull over ANYWAYS and binge on fast food and then end up eating 3,000 calories instead of 2,000. Just sayin’.

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According to the Soylent calorie calculator someone your size looking to lose weight quickly should consume around 2100 calories a day. So you should be able to just do a bag a day and still lose weight.

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Is there a fridge in your truck for the half-pitcher you haven’t transferred to your thermos?

As they’re saying, 1000 calories a day is a pretty extreme diet for a guy your size. I wouldn’t push it that hard. You don’t need low blood sugar behind the wheel there! Slow and steady is the best way to lose weight.

It’s more expensive to use 2.0, but oh so easy on the road. (We’ve used it for multi-day road trips.) Four bottles of 2.0 a day would be about 1600 calories, with probably plenty of micronutrients. Don’t overdo it on your multivitamins.


+1 to 1000 calories not being nearly enough. My mother (about 5′ 4″, 160 pounds) has been losing weight steadily at 1200 calories/day, and her doctor has told her that is the minimum amount of calories she should consume.

I didn’t see your age or gender listed, so this is something of a guess (male, 30 years old), but using your other stats with Scooby’s calorie calculator I got 2346 calories/day at a 20% calorie reduction (projected weight loss: 61 pounds/year; you’ll want to update your stats every 5 pounds lost as your body will require less energy as you lose weight).

I think it’s fantastic that you’re jumping on the Soylent train. Seems like an ideal product for long-distance drivers, and it’s certainly better than most truck stop food that I’ve come across (though I’m not a trucker myself).

I have to concur with everyone else on the calorie intake you’re shooting for: probably way too low. I’m 5’11", 212 lbs and trying to lose weight myself, and even I found that 1600 calories a day (4 bottles of 2.0) hit the sweet spot for consistent energy and weight loss. After reading into it a bit more, I bumped intake to 2000 and was still able to lose weight. Dropped about 2 lbs per week until the holidays hit.

Think of it this way: if you drink a full 2000-calorie pitcher every day, you’ll probably lose about 2-3 lbs a week, and you won’t have to force yourself through frequent hunger pangs. This means you’ll be down to ~250 by mid-April, and I can tell you from experience that losing 20 lbs feels and looks MUCH more significant than it sounds – pick up a mid-size bag of dog food and think about that much mass coming off of your frame. It feels slow until you see progress, but once you see a few pounds fly off and you think about how much you’re actually losing, it’s very encouraging.

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I agree that 1000 calories is likely not nearly enough… I intend to supplement with other drinks… I like my chocolate milk and monster energy drinks too much, lol… also, I would love to use 2.0, but space is an issue for me… I am on a relief recovery fleet, so I am switching trucks every week or so, and carrying all those bottles between trucks is tedious, wherein I can get a case of water at any truck stop, pretty much… and I need to carry 2 months worth of soylent with me, based on the infrequent home time.

Also, yes, male, and close on the 30. I’m 28.

Thanks for the comments! … can’t wait to get home and try it

Oh yeah, and no fridge.


Well, got home early, so I’ve made a bag, and just had my first taste… it is both better, and worse, than I expected, at the same time… I expected much worse, but it is drinkable as-is… yet, the aftertaste lingers, and is disgusting… we will see how it goes over the rest of my home time, and when I get back on the road.

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The first time I tried Soylent 1.4 I thought OMG I can’t drink this. I started flavoring it so I could drink it. After a while I stopped flavoring it at all and actually enjoyed the taste. I think your brain naturally changes once it figures out that Soylent is great for your body. My suggestion is to try some different flavorings (there are a number of threads specifically for this). After you find something you like, slowly cut the amount of flavorings you add until you don’t add any. Or keep putting in the flavoring if you like. There are a number of good options out there.