TrueNutrition Custom Mix Price increase (both base & custom mix cost)


Just a quick heads up because this caught be by surprise.

Ordering a new batch of proteins I noticed that most of their stuff has increased in price since I last entered in the numbers. No big deal; prices tend to fluctuate anyways. However, the following threw me for a loop because after compensating for the increase in prices, my own formulas that calculated these prices weren’t matching up.

They’ve also changed their algorithm to include a .25c per pound charge of custom mix, regardless of type. However, this is still subject to the 5% discount after 16 pounds. (eg: 16lbs will cost an extra $4 * 0.95(discount) giving $3.80 plus whatever the mix itself costs. 18lbs will cost an extra $4.50 * 0.95 = $4.28 + mix cost.)

All this said, even with the price increases, this amounts to about $15 extra for an order of 16 lbs, which for me can last as long as two months, so it’s probably not that much of a concern for most.


Heh. Wonder if it’s because a bunch of people have been ordering from them for their own soylents…