Trying cacao as I write this and it's good


Bought a tub of cacao and it’s good. Not delicious but definitely good enough for me to order again.

I mixed 2 scoops in 14 Oz of water in a blender bottle but didn’t include the mixing spring (spider bottle) and left it in the fridge overnight. It mixed thoroughly and was perfectly blended without any clumps or left over powder.

The instructions say 6oz water per scoop but I was too lazy to pour some out.

I could have downed the bottle in less than a minute but managed to make it last about 10.

Time will tell if I used too much water and/or drank it to fast because if I did, I’ll be hungry in an hour.


Another good review! Did it resemble chocolate milk?


Not like chocolate milk to me. It’s kinda creamy with the start of what I thought was going to be the vitamin taste/aftertaste that Cafe Vanilla had, but it stopped short.

Its got this taste on top of the cacao that hits me at the finish vs the beginning or through out.

Can’t place what it is and it’s not bad per se.

I mean I can take a vitamin taste if necessary like in yoohoo but it’s not really that.

I’m gonna try less water tmro which might help with the hunger… I got a bit hungry about 20 min after drinking it today.

Extra water never really helped me, but I think less might thicken it up which might help… Tmro will be test x2


I never found soylent in general very “filling.” It makes the stomach growling go away but doesn’t make you feel “full”, if that makes sense. I’ve tried it thicker and I’ve also added water, but didn’t get a better result in feeling more full or for longer. I hope you can figure it out :slight_smile: If you find a way to make it more satisfying, please let me know !


I’ve been drinking the 400 cal. of cacao almost daily for lunch at work and, by itself, i always need something else to hold me over until dinner (I’m a 27 y/o, 165lb male on weight maintenance). I add fruit to solve the problem, and that always does it for me. Typically I add frozen strawberries (because they’re easy to find in any grocery store and I can keep a large supply in the office) to the soylent and mix it with a single-serving blender (Oster Blend-N-Go). Like others say, that never makes me feel “full” but I’m not hungry for a couple hours. Then a banana around 2-3 and I’m good til dinner at 5-7.

As for taste: adding fruit helps A LOT. It’s definitely edible by itself, but adding fruit is a game changer. I found that with 3/4 of a banana, it tastes downright good and almost completely masks that funny after taste. And if you mix both banana and strawberries? Oh man… get ready for dessert for dinner every day!!! With this heat that we’re getting in the midwest right now, I love mixing up some ice cold soylent and then “eating” my dinner on our deck. It’s like eating ice cream on a hot summer day… but guilt free!