Trying DIY after Joylent



Short version;
Is there a DIY recipie about that’s similar tasting to vanilla Joylent?

Long version;
I’ve been consuming Joylent for a month and a bit, usually for 1/3 of my meals, sometimes for 2/3. I’d been reading about Soylent for a while, and was quite tempted when I heard about the European version. I decided to give it a go partly because I was having my kitchen re done, so a healthy food stuff that didn’t require much prep was handy while I didn’t have the equipment available to cook.

Now though, I’m hooked. I’m choosing Joylent over ‘normal’ food more and more. This forum has been really helpful, it’s very ressassuring to know other people have the same noxious side effects, and that they do go away…

I’ve been considering trying out a DIY soylent mix once my kitchen is back in working order. I love vanilla Joylent, it’s tasty and seems to be doing the job, but the packaging bothers me, and I’d ideally like something a bit cheaper.

Is there a DIY recipie about that’s similar tasting to vanilla Joylent? Simplicity, low cost and UK ingredient availibility would be good too.

Thanks for any help, and thank you for all the useful information you’ve already given on this forum. It’s very much appreciated!


I’ve never had Joylent but I would say any DIY recipe will do, more or less. Just use vanilla flavored protein powder.


Check around the site. You can filter recipes there by country.

Since Joylent uses oats and whey, here’s one possibility: