Trying new flavors - samples

So I am thinking about customers that are buying 12-packs of new flavors and hoping they turn out okay… but what if they don’t. Like my experience with the new “nectar”? I have 11 bottles to give away now? Fertilizer? Do I get a refund?

Idea… how about you package 2oz “samplers” with all existing subscriptions, once for each customer, when you have a new flavor? For free. Sort of like when you gave a free bottle and scoop with my first order.

So in my situation, where I would normally get 1 box coffiest and 2 boxes of original on my monthly subscription… you would send me 1 nectar sample and 1 cacao sample, then marked my account/address as received the samples, and I know what is what. This would prevent me and others from having 11 bottles sitting around. It would also make you tres :sunglasses:

Then another option would be to sell a complete sampler pack for newb…right? :smirk:


Glad to say customer service took care of me. I would still love to see some sample offerings. :bento:

Then another option would be to sell a complete sampler pack for newb…right? :smirk:



I gave one away (sorry, bro) and drank the other ten like a man.


Great Job! What are you getting at though?

You bought it, drink it - its food. :rotating_light: I hope someone called the waaaaabulance for you :rotating_light:

I gave one to my brother and I drank the others even though I did not enjoy the flavor.

I’d be great if we could get a sample drink instead of buying an entire box, and turns out you don’t like it. Even if solent gives your a refund, there’s still the box of powder or drinks you gotta get rid of. And no one like to buy food from a stranger.

I’ve bought Soylent from strangers. :slight_smile:

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Neat. I found someone who thinks it tastes like Captain Crunch so I can unload it there. yey!

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No thanks. I provided my feedback on this and I have found folks who like it because they think the “Nectar” tastes like “captain crunch” cereal. I guess Nectar is the Captain’s secret ingredient.

[quote=“naten, post:7, topic:26856”]
:rotating_light: I hope someone called the waaaaabulance for you :rotating_light:
[/quote] LOL, real nice. Get an adjustment.

Or, Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries is Rosa Foods’ secret ingredient.

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I never liked Crunch Berries (or fruity cereal in general) either, so that kind of makes sense.

Me too. In the early days, it was the only way to get it.

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Omg i love crunch berries! Dying to try it but can’t bring myself to order a case of it when i know i love the cacao so much!

Some people on eBay are selling smaller sample packs with Soylent Nectar if you don’t want to buy a whole case. (I see someone listing 1 bottle for $4.50 and another person listing 3 bottles for $10.50 on there.)

Or, you could always try the secret Soylent site to buy a sampler pack of all 4 flavors for around $15 in Bitcoin.

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