Trying new flavors - samples


So I am thinking about customers that are buying 12-packs of new flavors and hoping they turn out okay… but what if they don’t. Like my experience with the new “nectar”? I have 11 bottles to give away now? Fertilizer? Do I get a refund?

Idea… how about you package 2oz “samplers” with all existing subscriptions, once for each customer, when you have a new flavor? For free. Sort of like when you gave a free bottle and scoop with my first order.

So in my situation, where I would normally get 1 box coffiest and 2 boxes of original on my monthly subscription… you would send me 1 nectar sample and 1 cacao sample, then marked my account/address as received the samples, and I know what is what. This would prevent me and others from having 11 bottles sitting around. It would also make you tres :sunglasses:

Then another option would be to sell a complete sampler pack for newb…right? :smirk:


Glad to say customer service took care of me. I would still love to see some sample offerings. :bento:


Then another option would be to sell a complete sampler pack for newb…right? :smirk:



I gave one away (sorry, bro) and drank the other ten like a man.


Great Job! What are you getting at though?


You bought it, drink it - its food. :rotating_light: I hope someone called the waaaaabulance for you :rotating_light:

Heavy Metal levels in Soylent

I gave one to my brother and I drank the others even though I did not enjoy the flavor.


I’d be great if we could get a sample drink instead of buying an entire box, and turns out you don’t like it. Even if solent gives your a refund, there’s still the box of powder or drinks you gotta get rid of. And no one like to buy food from a stranger.


I’ve bought Soylent from strangers. :slight_smile:


Neat. I found someone who thinks it tastes like Captain Crunch so I can unload it there. yey!


No thanks. I provided my feedback on this and I have found folks who like it because they think the “Nectar” tastes like “captain crunch” cereal. I guess Nectar is the Captain’s secret ingredient.

[quote=“naten, post:7, topic:26856”]
:rotating_light: I hope someone called the waaaaabulance for you :rotating_light:
[/quote] LOL, real nice. Get an adjustment.


Or, Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries is Rosa Foods’ secret ingredient.


I never liked Crunch Berries (or fruity cereal in general) either, so that kind of makes sense.


Me too. In the early days, it was the only way to get it.


Omg i love crunch berries! Dying to try it but can’t bring myself to order a case of it when i know i love the cacao so much!


Some people on eBay are selling smaller sample packs with Soylent Nectar if you don’t want to buy a whole case. (I see someone listing 1 bottle for $4.50 and another person listing 3 bottles for $10.50 on there.)

Or, you could always try the secret Soylent site to buy a sampler pack of all 4 flavors for around $15 in Bitcoin.