Turning Soylent 2.0 Original Into Cacao

Has anyone come up with a formula to turn Soylent 2.0 into a flavor similar to 2.0 Cacao?

I don’t particularly like Cacao, but I do like 2.0 mixed with (sugar-free) chocolate syrup. Just squirt it in and shake it for a few seconds. You could also try cocoa powder, but I imagine it would be difficult to get it to mix well with chilled 2.0.

I’m not exactly sure what cacao tastes like, I’m assuming it’s like chocolate milk in a way… (I know what cacao is, just not what Soylent Cacao tastes like if that makes sense)

I’ve been drinking 2.0 Original and have been adding chocolate drink mix that I got from the weight loss clinic. It makes it taste like a chocolate milk shake and if you freeze it a bit, it’s like a Wendy’s frosty without all the guilt!

Just had my appointment today and they no longer carry the same drinks I’ve been using (https://www.healthwisenri.com/shop/product/chocolate_drink_shake_shake) However, they carry the “hot chocolate” mixes which are in packet form which ironically is the same thing, just without the bulky packaging. (https://www.healthwisenri.com/shop/product/hot_chocolate_2). I think you can get them off of Amazon.

I think if you can find a “healthy” or branded for weight loss hot chocolate you’ll be able to mimic the taste of cacao…

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