Two days on Soylent. TMI


This will probably be my last post because Im not sure i am worthy to be around you true Soylent pioneers. As many of you know I got 8 weeks of Soylent 5 days ago. I was stoked, Here is what I learned

  1. if you bring your boxes to work and you work with a lot of Baby Boomers, expect to be laughed at. it is pretty funny but it gets old.

  2. If you have a serious sweet tooth don’t expect Soylent to be delightful. Its got 2g of sugar per serving and is not sweet. People who describe it as sweet probably arent sugar addicts or have been on it so long that their taste buds have changed.

  3. Be aware that salt headaches are real and a nightmare. Day 2 i gobbled some goldfish crackers and found relief but that morning was a nightmare.

  4. If you get a dog dont post a picture on a public forum that your landlord visits unless your lease says pets allowed. (hence the quick life downgrade Im having) what can I say, im her forever home :slight_smile: even if that couch surfing for a little.

  5. BLENDER! it stirs alright and letting it set overnight is a must. But I think it deserves a trip in the ol Ninja blender.


  1. I am very in tune with my body. I can feel when my blood pressure rises even if stress is not an issue. The last few weeks Ive been having terrible back pain and I WILL BE HONEST I am an obese woman and Ive been having a difficult time getting around. Ive also been insanely tired lately and regardless of how many alarms i set i lost the ability to wake to my alarm clock. Day one of Soylent I slept from the moment i got home from work till the next morning. But the second day I woke up on time AND today the day after my second day of Soylent I woke up refreshed, Refreshed, and happy 20 min before my alarm. I laid in bed in the morning tranquility and breathed in and out and enjoyed my free time I never usually have. I also had no pain.

I describe my health as on the fence. And In 2 days the sway has leaned towards the “going to live” side.

Also my skin is smoother. Which is important to me now that Im in my 30s. that clock never ticks backwards. Also my chin is smaller. I put my head down to my chest and noticed it went down further. WHen I start losing weight i guess its going to show in my face first.

  1. I found the oil to have no flavor but the powder to be very much like a supplement. A flavorless supplement Kinda vitaminy

Would I order again? After the backerkits are complete and if they had a flavor option yes! I thought about turning all the packets into brownie mix and doing that everyday. But as a pre-diabetic I wouldn’t feel alright downing a half cup of sugar everyday.

OH! My most important lesson and (apart from having to downsize and move) the other main reason I am halting my soylent… Take heed if you deal with an eating disorder and obsession with food. I tried to escape it by removing food, But I found that though I could pretty much fill my belly with a mostly tasteless food it didn’t satisfy my brain desires and found myself becoming even more obsessed than before. I personally need to learn to take things one step at a time, practice mindfulness and develop a healthy food habit instead of a neglectful one.

I had an incredible time with you all and I want to thank you for putting up with all my bountiful emotions and playful nature. I wish I could have brought more wonder to you all.

Good luck my loves. Im rooting for you

also JulioMiles I am sorry I couldn’t be a better Soylent-evangelist. I told a LOT or people about Soylent… I wish I had a prepared descriptive phrase. I’ll still tout your awesomeness. And I look forward to watching your path unfold.


You could try doing Soylent part-time. 1 meal a day. I imagine in time, your body will start recognizing it as superior. I generally prefer Soylent over other foods at this point. But it might be different for you. My fiance struggles with the flavorless-ness, so take my experience with a grain of salt.


Sorry about the apartment. Glad for your dog that you’re committed to her; hope you find an apartment where you don’t have to hide her soon.

I have as big a sweet tooth as anyone–you don’t need to know how much milk chocolate I can eat in a sitting–but I find official Soylent fairly sweet. Especially, but even before, when I compared it to a couple of DIYs.


Yeah… definitely good advice and that situations SUCKS. Sorry to hear about that. :frowning:

These days there’s almost no such thing as privacy anymore, especially for anyone under 30 who probably barely even remembers a time without internet.

Glad you found Soylent did you some good, if you’ve still got weeks’ worth left, try as @livingparadox suggested and just have it whenever is convenient. As I think you already figured out, don’t go depriving yourself instantly of all the things you know you should avoid, as that’s just going to end badly. I suspect that gradually, your body will begin to lose some of its desire for the “bad stuff”, at least that’s what I found. Granted I’ve never struggled with obesity, but have always had a pretty serious sweet tooth, and it’s been curbed probably 90% now.

Good luck wherever things take you!


And you could just tune your tone down. You are whining about whiners and people making the product look bad. Start by being a bit more considerate with your answers.


Because there are numerous forum posts about the low sodium content causing headaches. @rob even said as much in a post a while ago. It doesn’t take long to for the headaches to start, think some people had it after 1 day on Soylent.


I’m sorry.
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I know you mean well in the first place, but can you please be less “agressive/confrontational” in your posting on discourse? :slight_smile:

Not that I disagree with you, but your post comes across as “uncivil” when typed out with caplock, lots of “???” “What an awful post” and such heh

I do agree that 2 days is probably not enough for her to adapt to Soylent, my first two days were rough also (vomited, headaches, exhausted, muscle weakness) but on my third day I was feeling awesome :smiley: and farting joyfully

In regards to the sweetness @IpolicyI , for me it wasn’t actually sweetness, it was more the vanilliness I disliked… but the good thing about Soylent is you can add whatever you want to it… you could try cocoa like me or some fruits? even cinnamon? I don’t mind the taste actually of pure Soylent and have no problems drinking it without adding anything :slight_smile:

I wish you the best of luck hun


Stop being abusive. Srsly.


@IpolicyI you have nothing to be sorry for. You shared your experience. I would echo those who suggest starting slowly. I am overweight and female. We respond differently. In fact watching my husband and I over the years eat mostly the same things and he’s gained maybe 20 pounds while I’ve gained 50 over the last 30 years. He goes for a bike ride and in a few days drops 5 pounds of vacation weight. I hike 4 miles and nothing.
So if you want Soylent to be part of your life here is my recommendation.
1: ignore the people at work or anyone else who thinks they have the right to comment on your food choices. Your body your choice.
2: I think if you are replacing 1 meal with Soylent starting out lunch or dinner might be best. Even better have a 6-8 ounce portion for an afternoon snack. Give yourself time to adjust. As someone else said not everyone has the same gut.
3. Also don’t look at @rob as what you can expect for you. He was a 24 year old male. They are different animals. Do a self assessment and choose 1 or 2 things you would like to see improve. Better sleep? More energy? Try to find objective measurement for these. Even if loosing weight is a goal keep it reasonable and you do need to exercise. (Even Rob increased his exercise)
4: food should not cause pain. Food is a pleasure to be savored . With time you may find that having Soylent gives you back the joy of savoring a meal rather than the mindless eating most of us do.
Good luck to you and your dog.


Please don’t feel you’ve done anything wrong.

I assume you’ve sold off your Soylent partly because you’re in transition–you don’t need to be lugging it around while you’re couch-surfing and finding a dog-friendly home. But some months down the line, when you’re settled, and, knock wood, the company is settled and shipping more predictably, maybe try it again, taking into account what helpful people here have suggested. Or not! It’s your life and you don’t need to apologize for it!


I am really sorry about the housing situation.

Honestly I am almost like you. I have a real eating problem. I was hoping this would be the magic pill. Its not, the only thing that will fix it is your own self motivation.

Ive lost 4 pounds over 5 weeks by doing 50-75% of my meals on Soylent. I gorge when i get real food. Its terrible. But im slowly getting better.

Please dont give up. We are here to help to provide support. Start with 1 meal…Cut out some other bad stuff.

ive topped drinking soda every day. Aside from July 4th, I went 3 weeks without soda. Baby baby steps.

Please dont be so down, you are going in the right direction.


@IpolicyI Don’t be discouraged. I took about a week to get used to Soylent. I currently use it for 2 of my 3 meals. I’ve found that once I got used to it, I have a much easier time with controlling my portions.

I’ll be starting a blog soon with what I’ve found.


@Tordenskjold I find your use of “hun” more offensive than anything she’s said.


:confused: wasn’t meant as offensive, English is my second language and I thought the word “hun” could be used for a member of the female population in a “comforting” way.


Its also used generically as a general term of endearment. I know a few people who used to for everyone.


if you are from the southern United States, it is a general term. When typed into a forum on the internet, it can be a form of patronization…


I am sure she understood what I meant, at least I hope she did :confused:


I cut some slack for someone from another country and language.


Of course @Tordenskjold could be the kind of guy who CAN say hun to females and get away with it not sounding condescending.

At any rate, here is a big PLEASE to the OP to continue Soylent at least for 1 meal a day and let us know how it’s going.