Two new Soylent reviews

Two new Soylent reviews from the past day or two:

Free Times magazine - “Tug Eats Soylent

Dan Wang’s blog - “Two months of Soylent

Food critic doesn’t like the taste of Soylent being bland, views pragmatic people as “boring”, nation shocked!?


Don’t understand. Neither tried a version later than 1.4. When were they doing this? And, neither could figure out how to mix without lumps. Why? And why could they not figure out that there must be something wrong with their technique – instead of assuming that powder clumps were inevitable?


I wrote the second piece, can answer.

You’ll read in my piece that I placed an order in July 2014, and received my first shipment in January 2015. I could only begin in May 2015 because I was out of the country. In that period I received two shipments of 1.3 and one shipment of 1.4. Since I had a big stock to draw down I haven’t yet tried 1.5.

I made Soylent by following the instructions from the first shipment I received. The 1.3 manual told me to dump Soylent in a pitcher, add water, and then shake. I’ve modified as much as I can to reduce lumps, including by having water first, having the water warm, and stirring/shaking a long time. I just haven’t been successful.

This is meant to be a personal, idiosyncratic view, not one for a general audience.


If you’re going to drink it once a day, get a Blender Bottle and mix up a single meal at a time. So much easier that way, and you don’t have to worry about it spoiling.

Thanks for coming to the forum, Dan! Not many people take the time to come and add additional information to what they posted.

I do think there is a learning curve with Soylent, as I had clumps as well in some of the earlier batches I made. I don’t believe I have had as much of a problem since I started soaking overnight. (Also, I switched to a glass pitcher that was easier to shake, but I realize that most people will want to stick with the pitcher that comes with the order.)

Also, in your blog posting you had issues with shipping delays. For the most part, these have been eliminated now according to Soylent and most users.

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I guess they’ve changed the recommended preparation instructions. For 1.4 and 1.5, the instructions are to add half the water to the pitcher, then half the Soylent powder, and then mix vigorously. Then you add the remaining water and powder and mix again. I’ve been using this approach (more or less – I actually add half the water and then all of the powder and then mx, then top up with the remaining water) and have never had lumps.

Have you tried flavoring it? Any favorites?

You said you’d order more when you ran out, have you considered increasing or decreasing the amount per day you consume?

As a comment, I’d guess you don’t see health benefits because you don’t drink that much, sounds like less than a quarter per day. I wonder if it’s also because you ate a fairly nutritionally complete diet before Soylent. Protip: if there are clumps, the way to get rid of them is to make sure the powder/liquid mix has space to fly around and smash into the top/bottom of your pitcher when you shake it, and to shake harder instead of longer. The clumps are broken up by simple newtonian force when they smack into the walls of the pitcher. Add a third of the water first, the powder, then a third of the water, close and shake vigorously. Add the rest of the water and shake again. I use warm water as well, heat generally makes things spread out faster. Entropy!

Thanks for the welcome, inquirer. Generally I’ve been impressed by the cordiality of the community and the willingness to provide tips.

I am switching up my techniques based on those tips. And yeah, I hear that shipping problems have largely been resolved, but I did want to give my experiences at the time.

runngdog: I’ll try that today when I make my next batch.

Sententia: No I’ve not tried any flavorings. In general I’m not so interested. I’m basically fine with it as it is, and since I don’t have a blender I don’t care to experiment.

No I don’t think I’ll have it more than once a day. I like food plenty, and am enjoying getting to cook again once I’m out of school.

Relatedly, I didn’t get Soylent for health reasons. Any lost weight/more energy would have been a bonus, but I just wanted the convenience and to save decision energy. Yeah, I did have a fairly nutritionally complete diet, especially heavy on vegetables. I wonder then if I didn’t see much more of a difference because I already had plenty of fiber. And thanks for your tip about mixing!

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