Two odd Soylent experiences

TL;DR: Body odor smells like Soylent, mouth tastes raw.

I LOVE soylent, been getting about 80-90% of my weekly calories from it for about 3-4 months now. I have noticed mostly positive effects, only negative was that 1.5 had a slight laxative effect on me the first month or so, but that’s over now.
But there are 2 odd things I’m noticing–not really bad, mind you, just strange–and I’m curious if anyone else has experienced them.
First, I’ve noticed that my BO smells like Soylent. When I go to the gym I sweat profusely, and I’ve noticed that especially around my arm pits, there is a strong odor of Soylent. This isn’t really bad, and it makes sense because I’m eating Soylent almost exclusively, so my body naturally has a large portion of Soylent particles in every part of it. But its weird to go to the gym and walk out smelling like oat bread rising.
Second, I’ve noticed over the past few weeks, that my mouth tastes strange, almost TOO clean. The taste is hard to describe, but it’s a little like how your mouth tastes immediately after taking a drink of hot water. Or like my mouth feels after the dentist scrapes my teeth, but BEFORE he polishes them with toothpaste. Very slightly salty I guess? But somehow, that doesnt capture it. It’s also maybe a little mineraly? Irony like blood, but…not? It’s very hard to pin down, because it’s so subtle it’s almost not a taste at all. More of a feeling that I associate with raw, healing skin, but the skin in my mouth is totally undamaged.
Does anybody know what I’m talking about? I feel crazy just trying to describe this.
Anyway, I think of this taste/feeling as “clean” because my teeth are like, pristine. Even though I have very good dental hygiene (my step dad is a dentist, so I’ve had too many horror stories drilled into me), over time I would ususlly notice plaque building up on the backs of my lower teeth, and that simply doesn’t happen anymore. I still brush, floss and mouthwash, but my mouth just stays clean and tastes…too clean. It’s weird. I’m weird for even thinking about this.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how batshit crazy am I? 1 being a therapist’s dream, and 10 being Charles Manson on LSD.



Nothing dentured, nothing pained.


Well I did notice a slightly different feel/taste in my mouth while on 100% Biolent (Canadian DIY Soylent). Not a bad feeling, just different. I wouldn’t describe it the way you do, but I haven’t mentioned it in my reviews on this forum simply because I’ve been unable to articulate it. The Biolent formula is different than Soylent though.

“Its weird to go to the gym and walk out smelling like oat bread rising.” <– This made me lol! :smile:

There have also been some discussions about Soylent impacting natural body odor (aside from flatulence), some positive, some negative. Though again, described differently than you. Here are a couple examples: