Two-Part Soylent, Liquid and Solid?



I’m keen to make up some soylent for myself to try before my order gets shipped to the UK.
I am reading all I can on here and getting some excellent information, so thanks to everyone for making this forum so informative.

One of the things I was concerned about was maintaining normal gut function and keeping my teeth strong, both things that a liquid diet may affect. So I had an idea, to take the oats and some of the nuts/seeds etc you might normally blend into the drink, mix them up with some honey etc and bake them into flapjacks (which I love).

This should leave you with a much thinner drink that should be easy to blend and flavour to your taste and have alongside your flapjacks. From what I’ve read so far, there’s some concern about heat damaging some active ingredients, so I’d leave those in the drink. Also, I read the oats need some work to break down the cellulose and reduce the phytic acid, which baking should do?

Can anyone see any possible problems with this?

Thanks in advance. :smile:


I think someone has done exactly this already. If you search for flatbread or soylent naan you may find it. To my understanding it tasted about as bland as you can expect, but with a little added hot sauce it came out well. Otherwise I can’t recall their experiences after the first couple batches.

One thing I would consider is absorption of the rest of the ingredients; will your protein and vitamin mix require a bit of fiber to regulate digestion? Or can you just consume both in a sitting and not worry?


I would think that they should probably be consumed at the same time. Otherwise, there will be little fiber to slow down the sugars hitting your blood (poor insulin regulation), and nothing to slow down the digestion (poor vitamin absorption)


You could also cook the sugars into the flat bread / flapjacks, though. Probably most of the vitamins as well.


Hi guys,

My thinking was to eat the flapjack along with the drink to wash it down.
My hope would be to create a flapjack that tasted really nice and was a pleasure to eat.
That way, not only did it give me something to chew, it gives me something to take the taste away if the drink isn’t great.
Though of course there’s always the option of adding vanilla etc to the drink to improve taste.

So do you think my reasoning is sound regarding the heating of the oats to break down the cellulose to increase bioavailability and to reduce the phytic acid?
Does that sentence even make sense?
I don’t know what half the words I typed there actually mean… :blush:


I already cook the oats in water w/ sugar, and it comes out to a thick paste I’ve been tempted to make a pancake or two out of.

I think it’s a sound enough idea, give it a shot and let us know how it goes. (And don’t worry, we’ve all been there at some point.)


Excellent, now to try to sort out a suitable formula and source ingredients etc…
Any tips on the best place to start?


This is almost exactly what I do with my formula! I’m using Spiru-tein for my multivitamin and some of my protein. I drink that with a glass of milk, and everything else goes into a mix which I make into cookies. I have about 12-14 cookies a day and then split the drink in two, morning and night. This removes all the vitamins which have the potential to denature under heat from the baking process, and the cookies aren’t bad. They taste somewhere between a cookie and a protein bar (because most cookies normally don’t have protein powder in them) but they’re rather enjoyable and real easy to transport. When I first started making my drink it was… gross. So I tried this out and it’s really awesome. Let us know how the flapjacks turn out! I’ll be interested to hear.

EDIT: Here’s the formula I use. Everything but the Spirutein and milk gets mixed with 3/4 cup of water and baked for 15 minutes at 350 F. As a side note, using Swiss Miss’ Special Dark hot cocoa mix instead of the regular Nestles makes them more chocolatey and really delicious. But I could buy this stuff in greater bulk, so it was a lot cheaper in the long run and they are still really good.


This sounds like a delightful idea! I’m very curious to see how this turns out. Keep us posted on recipes and experiences and energy levels & satiety and so forth. :slight_smile:

There has been some discussion about protein denaturation not being any sort of nutritional problem (though I’m not sure how or if this applies to vitamins; still have some homework to do!), and, as @Dylan noted, with his recipe he’s definitely baking the protein and … well he hasn’t mentioned that it’s a problem, so I’m assuming no news is good news, in terms of energy levels and satiety.

@airchie, if you haven’t started a recipe of your own yet, I know there are some good ones buried in the discourse boards, but also @mrob has been kind enough to link some of the recipes in the sidebar of the soylent subreddit.


Hi guys,

I’ve got a recipe of sorts created now and up on the DIY Soylent website.
Obviously I’m over on iron right now but I think maybe changing the vitamin pill I’m using will help that.

What I’d like is recommendations for improvements and just a general.

I’d going to create a dedicated thread for this and will link it here…

Here’s the link to the recipe:

Here’s a link to the specific discussion thread:

Thanks all. :smile: