Two questions about the original Soylent?


Greetings! :smile:
Why some of the vitamins and minerals are missing in the main buying page of Soylent?

Has Rob decided to remove some of the ingerdients in his formula?

Also in terms of effectiveness why is Rob original soylent more efficient than an home made soylent?
Is the quality superior to a home-made soylent in what way that is ?
Regards to all soylent users :wink:


The full nutrition facts are located here:

As for DIY vs Soylent, you can do whatever suits you. DIY is only as good as your recipe and measuring of ingredients.
Some people have said that the production Soylent has a better texture when compared to DIY.


What vitamins and minerals are missing?

Generally when folks refer to β€œmissing” vitamins they are vitamins that the body makes on its own using other ingredients in the mix.