Two tips for Soylent 2.0: 1) chill it in the freezer and 2) use a straw

Your mileage may vary, but I find freezer chilled (just for 10-20 minutes) and drinking through a straw both make Soylent 2.0 taste better. No idea why the straw would have an effect, but it seems to.

Edit: And while I’m giving out tips, how about 3) drink slowly so it takes no less than 5 minutes to finish a bottle, oof. Obvious, but I keep forgetting this one.


Why slowly?

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I find chugging two or three bottles in a row gives me the same uncomfortable and borderline painful feeling in my tummy that eating too much, too fast gives me — which is not surprising since that’s exactly what I’m doing. Solid food slows you down with all the biting and chewing and swallowing, but Soylent is rate limited only by its viscosity.


Oh man. That sounds very painful… for me personally though, I can slam down a single 400k bottle in under 30 seconds and I only get slight discomfort. On an empty stomach it actually feels pretty nice. I think maybe I’m just too lazy/productive (I know that doesn’t make sense) to spend even an extra few minutes eating.

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