Type 1 Diabetes, Insulin Pumps and Soylent


Hi Soylent eaters,

I’ve just ordered a weeks worth of soylent and cannot wait to see how my body adjusts and reacts to a week on nothing (or close to nothing) but soylent.

I’ve read the various threads about diabetics and soylents and would like to hear from any type 1 diabetics and their experiences with soylent. I’m a type 1 diabetic and on an insulin pump. I’ve been on an insulin pump for many years now and work closely with my endocrinologist to manage my diabetes and will certainly discuss this with him. But for those of you with type 1 - has there been any significant challenges, improvements, issues, etc with your diabetes and soylent? And for those of you type 1’s on insulin pumps, any major adjustments to basil and bolus rates? Insulin sensitivity? Normal, square wave or dual wave bolus for soylent? Any feedback would be amazing!


Welcome to the forum, I’m not diabetic, but generally interested in the results for Diabetics, because if it’s a good product and safe for them, then that’s more evidence of a great product that can work across a large spectrum of medical conditions.

My guess is if the person using Soylent regulates the intake over the day to keep blood sugars normal it would work very well. If you drank too much at once, it would probably not be good given the high amounts of carbs. Have you looked at the nutrition label, and if so what do you think of it from a diabetics standpoint?
There are some photos of the label on this ebay listing:


I’ve taken a look at the nutrition contents and the carbohydrates per serving seem quite reasonable. 84g of carbs per serving with only 2g of that from sugar. With type 2 diabetics carbs can be the enemy or their doctors may recommend a lower carb count per serving. But for a type 1 diabetic 84g of carbs is very reasonable. I’m just curious if a square wave bolus would be more appropriate for Soylent rather than a standard one and if I might experience a change in my insulin sensitivity or need to adjust my basal rates. Of course my doctor will know best once I talk to him but it’s nice knowing what other diabetics have experienced.


I am type2 so not sure how helpful this will be. Gaining more control over my diabetes was one of the primary reasons I started soylent.

I am on a low carb diy soylent and I have noticed much more consistency in my numbers. Of course, they are not completely consistent but 100 fold compared to what they were before.

It’s only been six weeks so I don’t have much more to share like an a1c comparison or other blood test results.


I am also a type 1 diabetic and very interested in Soylent. My current insulin regiment is MDI with Apidra and split-dose Lantus. What draws me to Soylent is the ability to adjust carbohydrate intake to match the activity time of Apidra. Rather than scarfing a meal down and having my BG spike to 200 before coming back down, I could (theoretically) consume a serving of Soylent (84g carbs) over a 2 hour period to minimize the spike.

Furthermore, I often find myself feeling very groggy after eating a typical (for me) meal. This can be problematic while working as a police officer, as periods of feeling like this can inhibit my ability to perform my job to the best of my abilities. Please note that this isn’t specifically because of my illness; it’s just another eating-related issue I could gladly do without.

If Soylent could help level out my BG and also help maintain energy levels (specifically post-meal), I think it could be a lifestyle change I’d be willing to make. So I should probably go ahead and order a 7 day supply and give it a shot.