Type of water for Soylent?


Since Soylent is supposedly balanced for optimal human performance, does it make sense to only drink Soylent with distilled water to not change the balance? Or are the impurities of tap water not significant enough to make a noticeable difference?


There’s people adding berries and coffee. Assuming you live in the first world tap water shouldn’t do much of a difference.


I’d say it depends on your local water.

Anywhere in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and some other countries you would have absolutely no problem with using tap water.

Unfortunately I don’t know how it is in North America in general, but your local authorities should be able to tell you exactly what is in your tap water - and everything of significance would normally be listed.

Just take that list of minerals and other impurities of tap water, add it to the list of Soylent ingredients, and check if you get pushed to the UL for any nutrients. If not, you’re good.


I know that in certain places in Ontario, Canada, if you’re near certain bodies of water, the levels of iron in the water are off the charts and this can be a concern. The iron levels are so high that white sheets washed in local water (using a standard washing machine) can begin to form large brown shades across them over time.

I think for most the local water source shouldn’t be an issue, but anything where a prominent known concern exists should certainly be taken into account.


My first batch I used tap water. I didn’t like the salty taste I got. So I got distilled water and like the result much better. Tucson has a fairly high total dissolved solids content. It’s ground water. People here don’t like a lot of processing so lots of minerals. If you want to know what is in your water check your local water company website. They probably have.a link to the results of their monthly testing. I also have unlimited access to reverse osmosis water that I know exactly how often the system is disinfected and also it is continuously monitored for rejection% . I also see the regular test results. rejection rate runs at 98-99% . I will most likely switch to that when I run out of distilled