Types of blood testing and results


I was wondering type of blood tests are people asking their doctors for and using to determine overall health and the safety of these diets? Also is there any chance anyone can share some results attached to specific formulas? I have gone through the one rob posted but it would be nice to see some more data and hear some more opinions on this topic.


I talked my GP through Soylent, and she just decided on the blood tests - I do not exactly know yet what they are.
All I know is that 4 vials were taken, that they will take different times to come back, and that in Ireland these tests are free for some reason.
She did mention that one test for iron and B12 might take up to 10 days, so I know that at least these things are tested for.

I will publish the results on my blog (see my profile) once I have them. :slight_smile:


Very interested in what comes back.


I had 6 blood tests that I did:
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Lipid Panel
Auto Differential

I have all of my ingredients to start, but I am waiting until this Saturday before I start. Also I wanted to post my recipe on here to have it double checked so I don’t do something bad.

I will be moving to Soylent for most of my meals, as long as I can get the taste right. Sorry I’m a picky eater. After I am on it for a week or two I planned on getting my blood tested again.

If you are interested I can post my pre-Soylent results. Then later I can do my post-Soylent results.


Optimally, it would be nice to see as many vits / minerals before and after as possible. Realistically this might be hard to get done (at least in the UK getting any vitamin tests done on the NHS is like asking to borrow the GP’s wife for the night) and private testing is very expensive privately.

I am interested to see if there are any absorption issues with taking in vitamins soylent style vs whole foods.


So here is my pre-Soylent blood work results:

Tomorrow I will be starting my own recipe of Soylent, and I will probably go and have my blood tested again on June 9th.

While I don’t know what a bunch of it means, I am pretty much in the center on most of them. The ones that I am high in though I will probably go research later.


Alright, I have updated my spreadsheet with my newest results. I haven’t examined them too closely, but some of my numbers have changed.

Not sure I feel comfortable with how some of the numbers have changed. I will need to look at it closer and do some research. Any feedback is welcomed.