Tyranny of food choice


Recently I was asked what inspired me to get with Soylent, here’s my response,

Tyranny of fuel for my health. When I try to eat healthy I spend too much time wading through ingredients I don’t like, then planning things that I can fall into when I’m tired, hungry, and irritable after work. What I like to eat is purely psychological and rooted somewhere in the role of the evolutionary biology / psychology dice to make sure I get fat when I can. The incredible amount of restraint one needs to exercise every few hours to keep one’s mood in check to make a rational and healthy decision on how to stay fueled is totally unnecessary. I now have the option to be on autopilot and feel excellent all the time and indulge when offered (then feel kinda shitty comparatively).


I can say without a doubt that “food anxiety” or “nutrition anxiety” is probably one of the biggest rewards to using Soylent. I used to always be trying to balance and track my daily meals against my needs and then fill in the blanks with supplements and shakes. Hitting both my caloric goals but also my macro and micro goals became a constant source of frustration and often defeat. DIY had allowed me to completely taylor my meals and make nutrition as simple as “open this and drink it 3 times a day”. I won’t get into discussing boredom or other social and life implications, that’s another thread entirely, but for those who have ever struggled with managing food Soylent (or in my case soylent) is an amazing solution. the idea of going back to regular food just seems insane to me at this point.


Even though I hate the name “Soylent”, is what inspired me is the idea - but I have to stop to explain that I don’t mean the idea of grinding up people to make convenient nutritious(?) food.

I really like the Rosa Labs meal replacement presented on a Youtube video by MotherboardTV “How I Stopped Eating for 30 Days”. They convinced me that the meal replacement is not made of people. Not only does the meal replacement help in preventing food wars, starvation, malnutrition, food-waste, but it also help cut economic and environmental cost of producing food and individual costs of preparing food at home.

Today’s meal planning is very complicated. It cost time, money and it causes an emotional drain that I believe is equivalent to a part-time job. Without the meal replacement or a partner who does all the meal-planning and cooking, many people cannot eat right.

Maybe sending the meal replacement to the Ukraine would help prevent people like Joseph Stalen from causing them to starve to death, but again the name Soylent would not go over so well.


I would like to eat healthy, but my palate does not agree. Sure, there are amazing versions of otherwise boring food, but I do have neither the money to have someone prepare vegetables in a pleasing manner, nor do I want to take the time to learn to do it myself, as well as then spend the time preparing, cooking, and cleaning. So I tended to eat rather unhealthy foods, with the occasional salad and piece of fruit thrown in.

And then somebody made a product that has all the good nutrition while sidestepping the hassle, so I wanted to try it. And what do you know, it actually tastes pretty OK and is very convenient.