Tyson Crosbie Experience


After my first few days.

The soylent adjustment period is real. I’m definitely having the slight headache, the gas and gurgling etc. but from my own experiences with DIY I suspect all of these are due to getting my full dv of potassium.

Small disappointments include it being far too sweet for me. I’d definitely prefer it trending toward sour or bitter instead of sweet. So hopefully that’s in the future for soylent marketing a truly neutral product sans vanilla and sucrose or whatever it was.
And additionally the after taste for me lasts hours after my last sip and it’s distracting enough that I may develop an aversion if I’m not careful.
I’m also slightly weirded out that I need to add salt every time I make a batch. However it seems this is one of the priorities for the next iteration so I’m not that worried as it will be corrected soon.

Things I’m excited about.
The possibility of an all inclusive source for fats and protein in the form of algae protein.
The upcoming subscription management for households.
Finally adjusting to soylent so I can do more than 1-2 soylent meals a day.


Excellent Tyson Crosbie! Please keep us appraised of your progress.