U got my $$$ two months ago


Where’s my product???


Try reading the blog posts.


it is a bit silly, when you think about it, to pay upfront for a product which does not yet exist.

let alone, a product by a company which may never exist, run by people with little to no business experience, and no expertise at all regarding that particular industry.

but hey, don’t get me wrong i’m a fan too! both of crowdfunding and S/soylent in particular.


Hello, as @jahhluv101 also mentioned, please check out blog.soylent.me for information regarding our shipping status. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to email info@soylent.me.


Hey time for a weekly blog update isn’t it? I actually wish it was twice a week, can’t you dig up and chronicle little details and dramas for us, it’ll be like a reality TV series! :smile:


Well, you can have more blog posts, or you can have more effort towards development & shipment… I’d prefer the latter :wink: