U.S. schools are failing to meet nutrition guidelines



How common is it for US schools to provide lunches to the students? Is that something most schools do? In Canada students usually need to bring their own lunches to school, except on special “hot lunch” days(usually either once per week or once per month) when they have the option of pre-ordering a meal from a small menu; usually consisting of wraps, salads, soups, and pizza. School cafeterias that provide a complete lunch are normally only in select private schools, which can usually afford the high cost of healthy meals. Is it very different in the US?


Yeah its federally mandated that K-12 public schools provide a lunch program to all students, though the students aren’t restricted to that. In high school me and my classmates were allowed to get food elsewhere and bring it back if we didn’t already have our own.

Idk the situation with our private schools, but public lunch programs are not exactly top shelf. In middle school I remember having something very close to mystery meat they feed you in jail.


Wow! And do the parents/kids pay for that or is it government funded?


In HS we paid for our lunches with lunch cards that our parents would put money on, but I don’t think its the same everywhere. Since its government funded, we were technically paying twice… dang I just realized that! What a rip off.


So the schools that have trouble with the cost involved in paying for these new changes could just charge more for the meal plan to offset the cost? And the rest of the issue(waste, less students using the meal plan, etc.) seem to be issues of poor management. Sounds like the people managing the lunch programs just need a forum of some sort through which they can share their ideas and experiences to figure out what works and what doesn’t.


A forum focused on efficiency and healthier diets?

I daresay, such a forum is unlikely to exist. If you happen upon one, do let m-

oh wait i get it


The Elementary, Middle and High Schools in my home town in California never provided onsite cooked meals, except like a Pizza day once a month, but they had the pizzas delivered for that. It was a fairly wealthy town.

But this news story isn’t “news,” because i’m pretty sure school cafeteria food has been well known to be garbage for like the past 40 years.


Well its news in the sense that schools aren’t meeting nutritional guidelines set by the Obama administration.

Pizza everyday isn’t unhealthy, you just gotta get the veggie supreme!


Ugh don’t get me started on my school lunch.
Everything was prepackaged garbage.
Chicken was always cold, food would be cooked at 8 am /served at 1:30 pm, bread was hard as rocks.
Plus they tried to shove fruit and veggies into everything to meet guidlines, so we had godawful things like cornbread filled with soggy pineapple and broccoli, jello with tomatoes in it, PB AND J with lettuce tomato and beats.
The milk was always warm, sour, and way past expiration date. Also they were 4 oz drinks.
We had foods like pizza, but it was more like white bread with ketchup on it and a slice of American cheese.
I think schools would better off serving… food?
Like grilled chicken(or any good/cheap protein), salad, and a random veggie wouldn’t be so bad or expensive.


From chunky personal experience, I can assure you that does not work.


I’m not sure if it works the same everywhere in the country, but at least where I live (Massachusetts), by default you pay for lunch but lower-income families can and do apply for free or reduced-price school lunch.

The quality of public school lunches is… uneven. From what I hear, recent federal mandates have drastically tightened the nutritional requirements for school lunches but not much increased the funding, with the result that the food is less palatable than ever. (Replacing white bread with wheat bread sounds like a good idea if you’ve never tasted cheap wheat bread.)


Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are a fruit.
Wisdom is knowing that tomatoes don’t belong in fruit salad*.
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And if it doesn’t belong in fruit salad, it doesn’t belong in jello.


Bless this Post.
I would prefer that they should just give me the tomato rather than ruining the only edible food for hours.