UK Soylent Import Duty & VAT


Out of interest, I checked out what HMRC would most likely categorize Soylent as for import duty and tax…


Closest thing I could find was essentially “Protein Drinks” -

Preparable Foodstuffs > Misc Edible Preparations > Other > Protein concentrates and textured protein substances > Containing more than x x y y

Hopefully Soylent would fall under that 0% duty category as “Other > Other > Other” etc. hits a flat 9% duty rate.


Zero rate VAT due on “Food Supplements”, “Invalid foods” and “Diabetic/Hypoallergenic Products” - all three of which Soylent falls into. Hopefully it won’t get misclassified as a “Sports product”, which is standard 20% VAT.

I wonder if the advent of Soylent will create a new definition with various applicable taxes and duty for a core foodstuff…

Are you using a reshipper to get Soylent in the UK?

Yesterday I discussed this with a friend of mine who works with the Maltese Customs - I want to be sure I can order Soylent without problems.

If orders from Europe make it worth it, Soylent could in the future consider a 2nd packing centre based in Europe. This would solve any customs/taxes issues…


I myself is importing privately to Europe and read up on customs and stuff for Sweden. We don’t really have that many different VAT levels, so I’m just expecting to get the full 25% VAT applied, plus handling charges.

But an interesting note for Sweden is that fish oil is only allowed to be imported from outside the EU if it’s accompanied by papers declaring it “healthy” or “safe”, something I doubt will be in the boxes at this stage of Soylent’s production cycle. That’s why I opted for the vegan option.

My order should finally arrive at the reshipping place today (no deliveries on Mondays?) and I’ll have them send it as quickly as they can over here, with a bit of luck I’ll have it by the weekend, unless customs decides to be difficult.


Heh, I was wondering what the hell an “invalid food” was and then I realized it was in-vuh-lid not in-val-id

// check input
if (food->is_invalid()) {
    throw vomit();     // reject input


Ha, yeah took me a moment too when I read it on the Gov site


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