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Hello Everyone.
Decided i would give my own soylent recipe a go.
I live in the uk so all amazon links are for
Would just like to ask the community, before i order everything, what you all think and any advice for something i have over looked.
Anyway, any advice at all will be much appreciated.

Tl;DR - Could you have a quick look at my recipe and see if its okay.

Thanks in advance, Brad


Updated my recipe. Changed a couple of mistakes. Added oat powder. Everything now in Grams, Mg and Mcg. Changed a few RDA’s to UK RDA’s.
Let me know what you think

Updated Recipe


Thanks for the help!


Where are you sourcing your protein from? It doesn’t seem to be on the pricelist.


My advice is to not order anything until you have EVERYTHING planned out. You’re missing a lot of things at the moment - a source (and price) for your Whey, salt amounts, a source (and price, it’s not cheap) for your olive oil.

Those can easily double your daily cost. :smiley: