Un-necessarily concerned about 1.4 taste


Yay! I feel the same, on my third full month of 1.4, but a significant minority feel otherwise, and I hope that that is of concern to Rosa Labs. Some people I respect a lot hate it, for reasons not fully understood.


I’ve had 1.0, 1.3, and 1.4, and 1.4 is by far the best tasting for me personally.

I know there is a vocal minority that dislike it a lot, and I know the taste is contentious, but I find it delicious. Can’t get enough.


do you eat just soylent? or do you use it as an adjunct to a regular food diet? i’m new to this and still checking it out.


I mainly just eat Soylent, though I just spent a week on regular food, when I was out of town with a friend who is a very good cook. Other than that I have mostly been living on Soylent for several months. The only big difference between Soylent and other foods is that if you choose you can live entirely on Soylent and it should be good for you. But lots of people just have it for a meal or two a day, or even less often.


i’ve tried shakes and protein drinks. they have high caloric counts, but leave me feeling hungry. is that a problem with soylent? i hate being hungry.


For me personally, the taste is alright. However, since I have a problem with (GERD/acid reflux) the taste basically stays in my mouth for hours after drinking it. 1.4 has a cardboard like taste for me, I can tolerate it, but I do hope the taste will be better in the future, either completely “neutral like water” or something else.

It is delicious with a teaspoon of peanut butter with each serving though :smiley:


The taste was new to me and that, of course, caused some concerns. The main problem I had with it was the perceived sliminess and the slightly bitter aftertaste. These were minor, ultimately, since after a few meal I wasn’t noticing them as much.

People who are moving along the Soylent development path through different versions need to understand that changes to the formula will be jarring at first. Ever drank something expecting a certain taste and it turned out to be different? I took a big drink of (what I thought was water) lemonade and that was a shock. This is something like that.

Now if you really don’t like the taste and you don’t like the decreased protein content, Costco has (in my area anyway) a pretty decently priced, good quality protein powder in chocolate that seems to cut out the bitterness and neutralize the heavy seed taste for me. One serving of this added to a bag of Soylent 1.4 adds the removed protein content at the cost of only 142 calories. The protein powder I am referring to is Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate


I’ve had every version of Soylent so far (I’ve had a subscription set up since before they started shipping it out) and this one is definitely the biggest change. The taste isn’t bad but it’s not enjoyable for me. I tend to chug my Soylent because I don’t taste it until the end and then I chase it with something to wash out the flavor. I do like this version of Soylent better freshly mixed as opposed to cooled in the fridge - I don’t like the thicker consistency, myself. I don’t have the problem some have (I’ve heard it likened to mucus), but I do tend to prefer it thinner. I add a drop of the liquid Splenda and that helps with the flavor. It’s not great, but it’s okay. It does tend to give me a bit of an upset stomach but that might just be because I’m chugging it so quick to get it over with.

I love Soylent and I will continue to use Soylent as long as they make it, but I do hope they are able to do some more tweaking on the flavor/texture business. Also, the change in the ratio of protein/fiber/carbs has caused some GI issues for my partner. He had finally gotten used to Soylent a few months ago (he’s got a very sensitive GI tract and Soylent initially caused some pretty nasty bowel problems) and now he’s starting from square one again, which he is very unhappy about. Hopefully, he’ll get used to it sooner than it took him to get used to the old Soylent.


I think a better approach would to hope that Rosa Labs provides a flavor pack of some sorts. That way you and others like you can have the vanilla shake you desire without hurting the rest of us. Some of us are completely satisfied with the flavor and prefer not to have a bunch of sweeteners and crap added. I’m adult enough to do without extra garbage just so it tastes a bit better.


Ya know, I really like this idea. Some sort of official flavoring packets that is designed to work with Soylent the best way possible. It would be a great way to broaden Soylent’s product line without affecting the main product that people like you and I enjoy as is. I would be very interested in ordering and trying out different flavors they may offer. Man, I like that idea a lot. Sort of a ramen approach to it. Where the base product, the noodles, are all the same but each package has different flavoring packets. Neat, neat idea. Mmhm


I’m happy to add my (non-sweetening) few drops of flavor oils, but also hope they’ll tweak the texture, though I’m dealing with it by not allowing it to soak. But it’s so much better anf faster to be able to prepare a pitcher at a time, I’d love to be able to get back to that.


I was turned off at first coming form 1.3, but now I really prefer 1.4. I hope they don’t change it much if at all.


Dude I love the 1.4 formula, no idea what anyone is talking about.


I had experience with protein powders and meal replacement formulas before Soylent. For example, I was doing fine chugging unflavored Garden of Life meals, knowing how much of challenge this would be for most people. Comparing to them, Soylent is delicious, like kid-friendly version of the other stuff.
You’ll find people disappointed with taste and “tweakers” in reviews of every powdered formula out there. I think adding flavors is a bit strange, like coloring milk - you won’t exactly find adults flavoring gallon containers of milk because of bland taste.
There is already plenty of flavor in Soylent. After using it for a while, you’ll get the neural pathway making you crave it, no matter what the taste.


Count me as another fan of 1.4. I’ve not tried previous formulations, but I have tried alternatives like Joylent, Schmoylent, etc., and based on that experience I much prefer the very bland, neutral flavor of Soylent 1.4 (to which I can add flavor easily if I wish) to more “flavorful” options that start out tasting good but just get to be too much (sometimes way too much) by the end of the fourth portion.


I think I’ve actually heard of people adding Bosco or chocolate powder to milk…


My problem isn’t the taste, it’s the texture. The slimy quality is off-putting. I’m easting Soylent a lot less than I did with 1.3 and I won’t be buying any more until a less slimy 1.4.


Just in case you didn’t see, 1.5 is out now.


Hey All I’m new to the Drink but after tasting the drink I tweaked it just a little with two bananas and 1 cup of strawberry’s and this is the best drink ever taste just like a banana milkshake. I’ve not had a meal in three days and it feels weird but starting to like the energy that’s coming with it and not sure if it’s the drink but just this morning woke up at 5am feeling like I needed to go outside and run but didn’t I took my pooches out for a morning walk instead I hope I feel like that every morning as it makes me feel great to be doing something other than sitting around.


Glad you’re enjoying it. But, you know, you are having meals, just in a different format.