Unable to Finish Entire Batch of Soylent In a Day Bad?


So I started using Soylent yesterday and have had the question on whether or not it would be bad to not consume the whole bag of Soylent in a day. It is the only thing I am eating and tried to have a meal at breakfast, lunch, and dinner but so far on day 2 I am feeling full with way less than the recommended amount. Yesterday I got through 2 meals and was a bit bloated but very full by the time dinner rolled around and decided to skip it. Today I had the remainder of the packet for breakfast and as of now its almost 3pm and am still feeling fine, I will probably just have 1 more meal for dinner and that’s it. The only other thing I am having is water throughout the day. I currently weigh 255lb’s and generally before soylent I was def eating over 2k in calories. So now being down to 1400 calories should I be fine or am I going to be missing a lot of the nutrients I need that I will be missing by not having that 3rd meal?

A side note, I am feeling fine without any concerns so far, none of the headaches, dizziness, or lack of energy like some have stated.


It’s been stated in a few places that you should be fine following your body’s natural hunger mechanisms. As long as you’re not feeling ill effects, you should be fine eating when you’re hungry, even if you have some left over for tomorrow. It’s possible that you weren’t deficient in calories themselves before, but in some other nutrient that you’re now getting enough of.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. If your situation seems particularly out of the ordinary for your body, for whatever reason, you should probably check in with one just to be safe :wink:


Listen to your body and you should be fine.

They have said that Soylent actually has more nutrients than what is stated on the label, due to government regulations the nutrients stated on the label must still be present on the expiration date of the product, therefore there is extra included so that it will still be 100% after some nutrient loss over the two year shelf life. So even at 1400kcal you are getting 100%, or fairly close to it, of the nutrition.

Anecdotally, I am bigger than you and intentionally have myself at 1600kcal/day.


Great thanks for the info! I’m starting to get used to this change and it seems the best for me is about 12 ounces (instead of the 22 I started with on day one) to start the day followed by another cup whenever I start to feel a bit of hunger come on. I’ve seen others mention there’s a feeling you get that’s not really hunger but you can tell your body needs more fuel and it’s definitely true. Never really felt that before, but it’s really nice and convenient to see your body working with you so easily.


I get hungry. I go from zero to hungry, then I have some Soylent, then I’m not hungry until I’m hungry again.