Unboxing, first prep and first taste


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tkru0XZVPPY

I’m digging the taste! And it’s REALLY filling!


Great video. Yes you definitely didn’t add enough water, because the pitcher is 2L (~68 oz.), and the directions say to add 1.25L (~42 oz.) of water when mixing one pouch. When you add that much water, once mixed, you should have around 2L of Soylent. If you added only a liter of water, you were short a little water (.25L/8.5 oz).

I’ve read on here that using a blender actually blends it worse than just using the pitcher. To avoid the clumps, add only part of the water to the pitcher, then add the Soylent powder, then shake it up, then add the oil and rest of the water, then shake it again.


Good to know. Elsewhere on the forums, Julio mentioned to add 50oz of water per pouch. I’ll need some new containers, because nothing I’ve got here is big enough.


You’re right, here is Julio’s post about using 50 oz. of water. The instructions are so conflicting. The official instructions say to use 1.25L/40 oz. of water (even though 1.25L actually equals ~42 oz).

I also made a thread about the ratio of water to Soylent. Everyone thinks it’s a 1:1 ratio, but it’s not. When using the scoop, it’s actually 1 scoop of Soylent to 1.5 scoops of water.

To confuse things even more, here’s an email from Julio that says to use only 1L (~34 oz.) of water per pouch (rather than 1.25L) and the ratio of Soylent to water is 1:1.

Here’s another great thread about how to measure quantities of Soylent.

And finally, here are some very thorough instructions from Jonathan van Clute about how to mix your Soylent using the pitcher (that you don’t have yet).