University Student's Soylent Log


Hello all! I’m Alex and I received my Soylent yesterday and had it for dinner and thought I’d post my experiences with it here. I’m 21, female, and very active (I run 6 miles a day). So far, I have nothing but positive things to say! I feel good, still adjusting a bit (learning to drink even more water than normal) and I’m only a little gassy!

I plan to eat soylent for at least 90% of meals (so maybe 1-2 meals per week non soylent). 100% would be great too, and if it happens, it happens.

Day 2: The taste is nice…reminds me of oatmeal blended up with a little sugar or vanilla flavoring. And I seem to enjoy my Soylent with almost 2.5 scoops water to 1 scoop soylent.

Slept fine last night, but woke up with a slight headache that lasted maybe an hour or so, and had Soylent breakfast. I’m sipping lunch right now, and I’m finding that I get really full quickly! So not a bad thing since I’d like to lose a few pounds :smile:

I’ll keep posting as the days roll by! But I am nothing but smiles so far!


Day 3: I woke up this morning another pound lighter? I feel lighter and bouncier too! Also I was hungry this morning, and when I drank my breakfast Soylent, there was a refreshing “ahhh” feeling! I think I’m starting to get used to it!

Gas: No excess gas since yesterday’s breakfast, actually. Maybe my body is used to fast changes, but I’m good for now!

Headache: No headache yet this morning either. Felt a little tired, but after my first few sips of Soylent, that went away.

Other symptoms: Definitely overall lethargy in these early days. Yesterday I had a few assignments to do for school, so my evening 3 mile run was out of the question (did the morning 3 miles already, though). And I found it harder than usual to get throughout the assignments. I think I’m still adjusting, so I shall not complain!

Today: Today I have an exam during lunch time. So I made breakfast and lunch Soylent in my 2 tier blender bottle (by spider bottle). The breakfast is pre-made and mixed, but the lunch is separated by powder and oil to be mixed in the school building. The water fountain is always very cold so it should mix the Soylent fine, and I’ll let it sit for a while before I drink.

Happy Soylenting! :smiley:


Ok so it’s the morning of day 5…

Yesterday, I attempted my normal 3 mile run 2 hours or so post breakfast. It ended terribly! Couldn’t finish, chest felt tight, legs were out of juice…probably because of being deficient in multiple vitamins,right?? Any help on how to exercise with soylent would be really helpful :frowning:

So then that whole day my mouth was so dry and I felt extremely weak and tired. I drank a ton of water, and even put salt in some water, with limited success. When it came time for bed, I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. So I ate a few fiber gummies to soothe my hunger and tried to get comfortable.

I’ve been excessively thirsty while drinking soylent! Can anyone shed light on this? I’m sipping as we speak and have added some salt to this morning’s batch for added electrolytes…


You may just need more water overall. If your urine is strongly colored, you need more water.


Hey I am only on day 3 myself but I found I was super thirsty all the time too and the trick? adding salt. I was drinking water and peeing all the time so I couldnt understand why I was so thirsty but I read online soylent is a little light on salt. Couple that with the amount of salt you lose sweating and it could add up to your problem. I actually ran to the kitchen last night after searching the internet for what the problem could be and drank a glass of salt water and felt instantly better. It sounds gross but for some reason it tasted so good I actually ended up drinking another and throwing salt into todays batch.


Ahh okay, I’ll add a little salt for lunch then! About a teaspoon, right?


A teaspoon is what helped me, personally


thank you very much!


I just want to point out that the official recommendation is to add only 1/4 t. of salt per pouch. LP’s personal experience with salt is his own and cannot be discounted, but I would recommend starting with less.


Day 11: I finally fixed the salt/extreme thirst issue! Which is exciting, because now I can truly see myself subsisting on soylent possibly even 100% some weeks (when friends don’t invite me to dinner lol). I fixed it, not by adding salt, but by adding an electrolyte table called Nuun to my water and drinking 2-3 throughout the day. Each tablet has about 7 calories and has no sugar! So I’m just glad something did the trick. I was going to simply add salt, but I figured that I might as well supplement all electrolytes while I’m at it.

During the day I’m craving Soylent (1.0)'s taste and mouthfeel! It’s so strange, but I am not complaining! :blush:

I did fall off the soylent wagon over the weekend because it’s fall break here, so people wanted to celebrate by baking and eating out :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, I’m happy to report that I’m about to order more this weekend! :smiley:


Have you found that you feel good to exercise now? I’ve been eating about 2 Soylent meals a day for the past 4 or 5 days, plus milk and a little sweetener (maple syrup). The day before yesterday I went for a run at 5pm before eating real food (about 4 miles through hilly trails), and I felt terrible, like I was going to pass out.
I kind of want to go for a bike now at 5pm. I’ve consumed about 5/6 of a pitcher. But I feel quite little weak and woozy / light-headed and don’t want a repeat of last time.
Does this go away with time, eating more Soylent, or electrolytes? What about just gatorade? I’m not committed to eating only Soylent, but it would be nice to not have to worry about real food until evening.

In general, I’m more worried about weight loss and not eating enough, rather than weight gain.


Just want to point out that the usual 1/4 teaspoon of salt is not going to cut it for an endurance runner. You’re going to be going through way more sodium than the normal person by running multiple miles a day. I play tennis, and I tend to load up on sodium on a day where I am playing a match. Now, you may not want to actually add more than the 1/4 teaspoon of salt to your Soylent so as not to adversely affect the taste, but you definitely need to get additional sodium (and other electrolytes) from other sources. Pickles are good for a quick source of sodium (the juice as well if you can stomach it). I personally usually just down a packet of mustard before a match, mainly for convenience. If you’re okay with mustard, one mustard packet before your run should do the trick.


I’m so sorry for disappearing for a few days! But I am feeling GREAT post exercise now! I did get better once my body got used to the soylent! At the moment I’m proud to say I am 95% soylent! I had a calzone last Saturday for dinner and felt awful haha So thats 1 meal non soylent per week right now!

The light headedness went away completely after adding more salt, like @mxc says below you, I did have to had more than 1/4 tsp. I add about 6-7 grams to my pitcher, which contains one day of soylent, every day. ALSO after I run, I add a Nuun active tablet to 16oz of water, which helps with electrolyte levels! These little changes have dramatically changed my soylent experience for the better and I’ve lost about 10 pounds so far :smiley: