Until it hits the market ...


I’m not a chemist/engineer/tinkerer, so the idea of trying to mix this myself is a little scary. Until soylent is market ready, I’ve been looking for alternatives …shakes, powders, formulas … but, I’m trying to avoid things that either have sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, for 1000% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins.

While we wait … aside from pretending to be Mr. Science Lab … any suggestions?


Well, don’t be afraid of a megadose of Vitamin C: you are already getting it if you are a (any)berry lover, or if you eat anything else during the day after drinking a glass of OJ. Besides, ascorbic acid has such a ridiculously high LD50 that the average human could survive eating a half-kilo of it, purified.
The rest of the hydro-soluble vitamins aren’t so incredibly forgiving, but they still get thrown out with pee.


As far as I know, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium are ingredients you should be careful with.
I first thought I couldn’t possibly make my own soylent, but like some others I helped myself with a once daily multivitamin - it’s measured by the industry, so I know I can’t do anything wrong with this, as long as I keep track what my other ingredients are.

As for an alternative to soylent - I really don’t know any. Most diet drinks I have seen are just supplements with protein and some minerals. Someone here in the board posted something about liquid food for people that are seriously sick or have been under surgery, but I don’t remember the name, sorry.


You can actually go wrong with that too - be careful to check what amounts are in your multivits, as some companies put WAY too much of some things into them.

I don’t have a specific example for multivits right now, but most B12 tablets for example are 1000 to 5000 mcg/ug.
The RDA for that is 2.4 mcg/ug.

As far as I know there are no adverse effects for large doses of B12, but anyways, I’m just saying: Be careful.


Ben is absolutely right, you should of course take a cautious look at the substances and their amounts in multis.

The ones I use are quite overdosed, but I take them for months now and I ate full meals in this time too (B12 is 1000mcg for example), so I didn’t tested them “blindfolded”.