Unused Soylent to Feed Hungry People


Do you have any unused Soylent that you would be willing to donate to feed starving people in the US and around the world?

With so many new versions of Soylent, I have boxes of older versions building up in my house. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Instead of having it take up closet space until it eventually expires, why not use it to feed the people who could use it most?

MY GOAL is to connect unused Soylent with hungry people, in the US and around the world. If you would like to help make this a reality, comment here and we can begin to form an effort behind this. A good place to start may be local homeless shelters and food pantries, but I’m open to any ideas that support this goal.


One of the DIYers has already sent soylent to some island in the Pacific, and they liked it!

Presuming I get 1.5 soon, I will have an extra box of 1.4 and if there was an established drop off location in the Los Angeles area I might be able to bring my box there.


I commend the sentiment!

I propose you find local needy people for your donations, though. For the cost of shipping it overseas, you could do a lot more good just by sending the money to the same destination, and let the locals by their own food. You’ll feed a lot more hunger, that way.


Awesome. I bet those guys didn’t write Discourse posts saying that whoever made it must be idiots because the nutrient levels changed between versions.


The best way to start might be to create a central site that lists drop-off locations and educates potential donor locations about Soylent specific to their needs and uses. That way it would be easier for locations to agree to be drop off points and easier for people willing to share their Soylent to find where they can bring it. At some point, it may be more economical to send a shipment to other countries once there is enough to make the economies of scale work (and/or get a shipping company or other sponsor to cover the shipping.)