Unusual red soylent

I’ve been using soylent for a while, and yesterday I noticed an unusual bag… This is what it looked like after mixing:

EDIT: photo below is much clearer

It’s got a sort of red hue to it (right) compared to a normal mix (left). It also has a strange, sort of burnt taste to it? It’s difficult to tell because I’m recovering from a flu at the moment. I’m not upset about it or anything, just curious if anyone has had this experience. It was the only one in the bag like it, and the only bag I’ve ever noticed this with.

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I would note the batch number and shoot soylent an e-mail just in case.


Yeah that doesn’t seem right to me… tagging @Soylent for assistance…

I’ve also noticed this with a few bags. A darker hue, sort of a burnt taste. Otherwise, it seems to be fine. Any ideas?

Did the powder itself have a red hue? Did it have a red hue right after mixing? How long after mixing did you notice the red hue?

Hard water? Sometimes my tap water will turn a weird color but rarely.

I’ve noticed others reporting instances like these. Still kind of confuses me how they aren’t uniform. Maybe they accidentally put in too much of a certain micro or too little.

i don’t remember if the powder looked different or not. I took another photo to show the color difference better. I’m still sick, and can’t trust my taste of it anyways because the color is very off putting. It does taste differently though, and I won’t be consuming it, but have kept it in my fridge for when i can actually taste again… Also, I used filtered water as I always do for my soylent, so it certainly wasn’t the water.
(oddball on left this time)

@Soylent , can we have some insight into the red?

This is a bit of a silly question but… were they from the same batch of Soylent? Is it possible the red Soylent came from a batch of 1.3, and the previous Soylent was 1.2? Because I just tried my first batch of 1.3 (had a large backlog of 1.2), and it looks the same as your “unusual red” Soylent, and it also has a slightly burnt taste (though not in a bad way).

I’ve had mine look like that too upon occasion, but I’ve always assumed it was from the fact that said batch was more concentrated (i.e. less water) than the previous batch (I’m not really uniform when I mix it regarding the amount of water and chocolate power/syrup I put in it). I’ve never noticed a “burnt” taste though, I’ve been drinking Soylent for months and I’m still kicking lol

@RiskyMrRaccoon The red-hue Soylent you received is definitely unusual. Please discard that bag/don’t consume. A replacement bag will be sent out to you. We want to look into this – would you mind sending the lot # that is on the bag?


i wish i had held onto it, but the bag/box is long gone. next time I’ll be sure to hold onto it. Thanks!

I just mixed up my first bag of v1.3 a few minutes ago. Same thing - it’s much more dark/reddish than I’ve ever seen it.

I’m going to do my usual thing - let it soak overnight in the fridge, then add oil > shake > eat breakfast. Well, I won’t eat it, I don’t think. But I want to taste it, at least.

I’ll post back in the morning, with a clear picture for @Soylent to take a look at. (I’ve got a colour separation & grayscale guide I can put in the pic) But FWIW the lot# is: C14323P02

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Here you go. Tasted some, but it seemed fine. Whether this is a normal thing or not, it would be nice to know. Can’t say I’ve read anything about 1.3 being so much darker, so IDK. BTW I use a little bit more than 2L of water per bag of Soylent. I always have, and didn’t do anything different at all for this batch. @Soylent

[edit] I just wanted to add that the powder itself didn’t look at all out of the ordinary, hue or otherwise. [/edit]


I have also noticed the darker color of prepared 1.3. No problem with taste or texture. In fact quite pleasant.

Yep - I just had breakfast and it tastes fine to me. :blush:

So I guess that’s just the normal colour now. I think it might be nice to add a note to the changelog to reflect that. It really was quite a difference, mixing up my first batch of 1.3 while drinking the last of my 1.2 - enough to make me check Discourse & discover this thread. Either way, if this is the new normal, I hope others find this thread, read thru this far, and relax. (would be much better with official confirmation, OFC)

So, is it the change from potassium gluconate > dipotassium phosphate that caused the change in colour?



Just chiming in to note that my 1.3 is also darker than the 1.2 and 1.0 I received. It tastes a bit different too, and is smoother in consistency. I (perhaps foolishly?) drank 6 bags of it already and they were all like that – new color and new consistency. So I’m surprised that @soylent is concerned about it… The number on the back of the most recent bag I made is C14335P03, if that helps.

The concern is for some specific bags that when mixed had a distinct red color and separation as well as a bad taste. I think the darker mocca color may be due to the potassium change.

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I just got through my second box of 1.3, and got another dark mix of soylent again. I included a picture of the lot number, but I don’t think that is the issue. Both of the dark, burnt tasting mixes were at the very bottom of the box. I’m not sure how extra pressure could cause a difference in taste and appearance, but I’m going to have to assume that my other two boxes will have the same issue.

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Just pointing out that you both have the same Lot# and experienced the same issue. Hopefully they can maybe backtrack and discover exactly what happened.