[Update] Starting 1.5 and Vomiting


I received my shipment of 1.5 yesterday and prepped it last night and placed in the fridge after reading this seems to be most beneficial for texture and flavor. FYI, I prepped an entire day by filling the pitcher half way, adding half a packet and shaking and then repeating for the other half.

I woke up this morning and poured a 12 oz glass. I drank 9/10 of it over 30 minutes. I had to stop at 30 minutes because my face became very hot and I started to sweat. I walked to the kitchen and immediately started vomiting violently. I am not sure if there was something I did wrong in preparing or consuming the drink. Has anyone had a similar reaction or any ideas on how to quell the nausea?

Edit: After reading a response regarding reactions to Niacin, I woke up this morning and drank a 4 oz. glass with none of the symptoms described above. It appears I will have to consume smaller quantities more frequently until I can rebuild my Niacin tolerance. Thanks for all of your input!


Definitely consult your doctor immediately. No one here will be able to diagnose something so serious, This is not normal. It could be an allergic reaction of some sort.


It definitely sounds allergic to me, I concur that you should consult a physician. Do you take niacin supplements? Those symptoms are also consistent with niacin flushing, although usually reported as slight nausea, vomiting is uncommon.


This is indeed an extreme reaction. Quick question - did you wash your pitcher with hot soapy water and throughly rinse it prior to mixing your Soylent? Also did you use tap water or some form of filtered water?
I recommend dumping this batch. Please contact info@soylent.com with this information. Be sure to include the lot number.


I had similar reaction back when I first tried 1.0 last year… It didn’t happen straight away like you, it took at least 4 hours before I ended up vomiting… The hot and sweaty was among the symptoms.

I have only vomited that one time while eating Soylent… But I have felt fatigued, tired, headach from tension in my neck muscles and back among other things.

It sounds really bad when I say it like that, but right now I can eat a serving a few times a week before my problems get too bad.
Just know that you are not completly alone in your experience and it doesn’t mean you are sick and need to seek a doctor (though it wouldn’t hurt) it is more that you may be sensitive to something in Soylent that your body doesn’t agree with.

Currently I am on 1.4… If you can get a doctor to tell you the exact reason, then I would love to know!

This is my experience I posted back then


I have had issues in the past with Niacin, particularly with pre-workout supplements. They would cause the same hot, sweaty feeling and I definitely vomited on a couple of occasions. I eventually built up a tolerance to it over time, but I have not used them in the past 3 years due to concerns with the amount of caffeine in them. I had gone to my PCP about 4 years ago and he said it was an ‘intolerance’ and not an allergy. I am going to try consuming smaller amounts (3-4 ounces) more frequently throughout the day to see if that fixes the nausea and eventually build that tolerance back up.


Niacin is a good possibility for the reaction and probably the reason for me too. I wonder of it could cause the tension/spasms/cramps in my small muscles too (and resulting headache)