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@JulioMiles I placed an order on 5/15/2014 (order number 6016) for a 1 week supply of Soylent. I am one of the unlucky people who got the delayed e-mail, which sucks, because I really want to get this Soylent in my hands and in my body. Is there a way you can upgrade my order to be a 1 month subscription so that the first shipment I get is for the subscription? Thanks!


If that were possible I think a lot more people would be doing it…including myself…


I think he meant that he would rather just get a month’s worth when it does come in. Not to try move up the line.


Please tell me how you could ever get that I want to be moved up the shipment line by my original post. I very, very clearly stated that I simply wanted to be upgraded to a subscription, and that for my first shipment to be that 1-month supply. I never once said to move me up the queue.

@JulioMiles Do you not check the forums on weekends?


It’s his job, he presumably gets to have a weekend–even a holiday weekend.


@MattCauble and @ana usually have better response times


Well, if we’re being technical here - I never once said that you were just trying to move up in the queue. I said that if it were possible, I would want to do it myself too. Someone else mentioned the ‘move up the line’ words, not me. Chill a bit, it wasn’t an accusation.

You said you originally ordered a 1 week supply on 5/15/14.
I also initially ordered a 1 week supply, mine on 5/16/14.

You said you would rather have your first shipment be for a 1 month supply on subscription terms.
I also have come to the conclusion that I would rather have an initial 1 month supply on subscription than a 1-off Week quantity.

The reason why livingparadox mentioned moving up in the line is because…from what the backer based shipping schedule has seen, is that the size of the initial order has determined when the order is shipped. It’s a valid point to be made. It’s not necessarily what you posted, nor what I responded with, but it logical to assume that would have some sort of affect on when an order is staged/sent, right?


Jesus christ dude… Now you’re just playing semantics. When your one and only response to my thread was, “If that were possible I think a lot more people would be doing it…including myself…” then yes, it is safe to assume that you were hinting that I’m trying to move up the line.

Please just drop this. I only want my order updated. I don’t want to go around and around with you, battling over what was said and what was hinted at.