[UPDATE: THEY ARE NOT] Actibest as RL distribution partner in europe?


I just saw this: Actibest site

There you can read:

actibest jetzt offizieller und exklusiver Lizenznehmer der Marke SOYLENT

which roughly translates to

actibest now official and exclusive franchise holder of the SOYLENT trademark.

Now I am thinking, if this is actually the long expected ‘Rosa Labs jumps to europe’ moment. Anybody got further information?

Not sure if they are an official franchise holder but I reviewed them on Amazon last year.

From what I read so far the product seems to be more than ok. I have ordered a test pack.

While researching I stumbled over this line.

@Conor mentioned in another thread that RL has no affiliation with actibest.


You can find more information in the five different threads that mention “Actibest,” from the search function.

(Not being snippy; honest. I had never heard of Actibest until I read about it in the thread @Grok linked. The other four threads each add more information.)

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Guilty as charged. Forgot to use the search function before asking. And I read this board a lot, thought I would have seen it…