Updates I Wish I Would Hear (AKA why the gag order?)


The updates have completely stopped coming from the Soylent Team. I ordered one week early on. I realize that it’ll be a long time before I get my soylent. Fine. I just can’t understand why they are refusing to discuss progress on the queue. Bad news would be better than no news to me. Here’s a list of things I’d be really excited to hear:

  1. Our brown rice protein supplier can’t provide what we need, until we get a new protein source nailed down orders have stopped going out.
  2. Packing and shipping takes way more time and effort than we expected. We’re shipping at a snail’s pace, but are looking into better packing and shipping systems that will speed things up eventually.
  3. We’re working on the gas problem. Until we get it solved we’ve decided to only ship reorders, we want anybody starting soylent to start up without the risk of the intestinal problems some people saw.
  4. Etc.

About the only update that would be worse than this silence would be “We decided we’re tech people, not food people, so we took your money and we’re giving up. Suck it up, losers.” I’m pretty sure that a lot of other people feel the same way. So I’m just puzzled why the weekly updates stopped, and why there is no hint of what is going on with the shipping queue?


We keep knocking, but no ones home…


Totally agree, I’d rather have some sort of update even if it’s negative than silence.


I heard about a re-org…Oh wait that was my company


A lot of people have said that, and I’d like to think that the same holds true for me as well. But the hesitation to give such news is: is that true for everybody? Is it in the company’s best interest? Bad news can make a company look publicly awful, getting worse with every bit of bad news that comes out. Successive logistical failures that are on the record can make a company look truly inept. Silence, on the other hand, people have a pretty high tolerance of, I think (or at least it seems they do). I think the decision Rosa Labs has made–and indeed many Kickstarter projects seem to go this way, after awhile–is that the latter strategy is preferable to the former.


It’s because of this lack of communication that I won’t be re-ordering, regardless of how good it is.
I’ll start using a DIY Soylent instead. 18 days from now it will be exactly 1 year since I ordered, and I haven’t gotten an email about a backerkit or Soylent itself being shipped. I checked the Soylent Shipment Tracker thread1 and people that ordered more than half a year after me have already received their backerkit and/or orders just because they had an extra week or two more than I did.

I’m surprised that, as a company, they would alienate their early backers like this after how many delays they had. First priority should have been the people that got screwed from 2013.


As explained earlier, placing blame on other companies (rice protein suppliers etc) makes the other companies look bad. Placing blame on contaminated ingredients, or any other issue at this point makes Soylent look bad. I can see why they have a gag order. Not giving any updates at all also makes Soylent look bad, so they should probably just figure out something to say.


i feel your pain. i ordered my soylent on may 24 2013… my friend who ordered in march 2014 got his order in the beginning of june.

it’s sad that they really do not care about early backers, money talks to them. the more you throw at them, the faster you’ll get your soylent


If the problem is with a supplier, there are polite and professional ways to communicate that. Think about some of the bland PR that comes out of larger corporations. The problem with that is it is easy to detect that bland PR speak, and people really hate it.

This is one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations. Except the “damned if you don’t” is slighting less damning, so they choose silence.


One simple reason for the blackout: they know with confidence that the real fullfilment time is going to take many more months, and new orders won’t ship until some absurd date like 2015. If customers knew this, there would be a flood of refund requests, little to no new orders coming in, and the resulting cash flow problem would seize up operations.

I’m not excusing them, but guessing is fun :frowning:

Or it could be the rice protein supplier. And if that’s the case, then the silence is to save face, because they could have gone with whey protein, which everyone else in the civilized world uses for their protein shakes.


My guess: They’re updating when they reach a new “milestone”. Right now they’re shipping 1 month orders and that’s probably a big category. They’ll post an update once they get down to 2-3-week orders, but there are so many 1 month orders that it takes a while to get there.


I canceled my order and will make my own.


Exactly my guess, as well.


I already think about getting Schmoylent Clean or similar, but @axcho has to wramp up into more professional waters for me to actually serve that up to friends of mine. That’s why I have 3 months ordered with Soylent. But I’m already trying out Joylent, will try Schmoylent (is it gas free btw?) or similar.


Once we start passing the 10-12 week mark for the post 5/6 orders, we should hear something from the Team, otherwise they might violate the FTC’s Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule:

Some relevant parts: “The Rule requires that when you advertise merchandise, you must have a reasonable basis for stating or implying that you can ship within a certain time […] If, after taking the customer’s order, you learn that you cannot ship within the time you stated or within 30 days, you must seek the customer’s consent to the delayed shipment.”

Basically when you miss your promised shipping date, you have to give a delay notice. Something the notice is supposed to include is a reason for the delay. Also - if the company has to give further delay notices, the customer has to give their consent to the delay, otherwise their purchase should be automatically cancelled and a refund given.

Maybe someone with a legal background can comment.


Except the tracking list shows a huge drop-off in recent fulfillment, which is why everyone is upset about the silence.


Twitter updated!
They’re working on new ways to take our money! ( and not deliver )


That’s not fair…but it is kinda funny :slight_smile:


twist - discourse and soylent.me are about to go down for unpaid server bills… or not… but it would make me laugh. Where would everyone go to complain?


Just a guess, but probably to court.