Updates on the Kickstarter?


I am very interested in Soylent and will certainly help as soon as it is launched.


As far as I know he is working on the video.


The video is in the final stages of editing. We should be submitting the project for approval in the next couple of days.


That’s great news. I know he is probably making a serious video, but I’d love to see him knock out 100 push-ups, maybe jump over a tall building…


I’m really curious as to how it will be produced. Are you planning to offer different formulas for body types, goals, etc.? This seems like a pretty complex thing to bring to market with the very diverse interest @rob


Couldn’t you offer a sort of “lowest common denominator” version that most everyone is going to need, and then sell (or at least suggest) separate supplements to help you fine-tune it for you?


Based on the data I’ve gathered I am confident a relatively small number of permutations will be able to accommodate the vast majority of the population. Perhaps eventually we’ll have our own facility and make it on a truly one for one basis but to start we’re using an existing FDA-approved facility and a set number of formulae.


whats the best way to follow updates on soylent? is checking the discussion boards regularly the best? is twitter an option?


Do you plan on shipping to the UK?


Totally agree this is my question. The UK needs this !!!


Do you have an ETA on the Kickstarter?


I am more that happy to put $30 into this. If we all did, I recon that would give thousands for the start up.


Hopefully Kickstarter approves it and quickly too…

Can’t wait to get in on this.


I assume that @rob has checked with Kickstarter that Soylent meets their project guidelines, which specifically ban:

  • Projects cannot offer financial, medical, or health advice.
  • No tobacco, drugs, and drug paraphernalia; energy food and drinks; or nutritional supplements.
  • No bath, beauty, and cosmetic products; electronic surveillance equipment; eyewear (sunglasses, prescription glasses, and others); firearms, weapons, knives, weapon accessories, and replicas of weapons; medical, health, safety, and personal care products; or infomercial-type products.

They do have a Food category and do have food products on Kickstarter, but Soylent could be interpreted as fitting into one of the banned list of projects.


if Kickstarter doesn’t allow it, there is always Indiegogo wich have not so strict rules for their projects.


There rules are fairly loose, but that does give them a range to interpret. Just saying. I had a project shot down because I wanted to purchase/rent a server for a year for hosting as part of the project and they termed it as recurring costs even though it wasn’t.


I was gonna say Indiegogo too :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the reply, @rob. That sounds awesome. I really can’t wait. I’m here in SF, but didn’t find out about Soylent in time to apply early enough for the trials :frowning:

Now that I know this alternative is out there, I find myself cursing when I have to go to the grocery store or deal with an overly packed fridge!



Is the video gonna be a “Do you want to be part of a better future? Would you like to feel healthier and achieve more? Do you believe superhumans can exist? The future is soylent!” kind of thing?

On a more serious note, you will certainly have my financial support, no matter what platform you end up using. :heart:


I shall support that too.