Updating/altering the Backerkit survey for those currently allergic to Soylent 1.0


Continuing the discussion from How to get a refund due to allergy to final product ingredient?:

I keep seeing people asking for refunds due to allergies to the current Soylent blend, so here is my idea:
Updating/change the backerkit survey or making a new survey that asks if the individual is allergic to an ingredient in the current Soylent versions.

If they answer yes, have a fill in the blank where they can tell you what they are allergic to in a box. Then ask if they wish to be notified when a version comes out that they aren’t allergic to.

The last question would be if they want a refund, or transfer/leave the money there as a preorder for a Soylent version that they aren’t allergic to (not sure if moving their funds to a preorder for an unannounced version if legal or doable).

Granted it might be to late to update/alter the backerkit survey, but to me it sounds like a good quick allergy survey would give the Soylent team some direction for their next versions.

Thoughts, opinions or has someone already made a post about this that I haven’t been able to find?