Updating/Changing Subscription

So, prior to receiving my initial order, I went ahead and signed up for just the 2w subscription in case I found out I didn’t like Official or whatever. I found out I really like and want to change my subscription from 2w to 4w. Anyone have an idea on how to do this? Thanks!

I’m just guessing here, but I think you could just cancel your two week subscription and start a 4 week one. You can get clarification from Rosa Labs but I think that as long as your using the same email address you should be fine.

Thanks, that was what I was thinking, but hoped there was a secret way to just update so I don’t have 2 subscriptions under my account. Oh well, guess I’ll deal for now.

@JulioMiles I would just like make sure I get refunded for the subscription (2w) that I cancelled since I was charged upon creating it. Didn’t see any indication/confirmation that that would happen, so, you know, being thorough. Thanks!

I believe at least one of the Soylent team mentioned that amending the subscription plan software is on their agenda. I’m in a similar position. I ordered a month, but if I decide that the concept is a good one (which will probably take a week), then I would want something between two weeks and four weeks. It’s a Goldilocks problem.