Upgrading from 7 bags to 14


@Soylent could I get my subscription upgraded from the 7 bags to 14? My Soylent.me account is under the same email address as this the same.


Yes, basically you can cancel your 7 bag subscription then subscribe to a 14 bag subscription. As long as you have received at least one order, you will get your new order is 1-2 weeks instead of having to go back of the line again and waiting for 5 months. As long as you 1) Received an order 2) Subscribe with the same E-Mail you used for your first order then you can cancel then subscribe for more or less or whatever you decide.


@snagglepants Your subscription has been upgraded to 14 bags/month. This will take effect on the next renewal, Dec 24. Thanks!


Hi @Soylent,

Would I be able to upgrade to 4 weeks as well? Apologies if this is the wrong thread, is there a better place to notify you of these changes?



Customer service is no longer being offered via this forum. I would suggest following @generalblue1983’s advice.


If you’re having trouble canceling your subscription (there seems to be a bug going on atm), email info@soylent.me, tell them what you want done and they’ll help you.