Upgrading from 7 to 14 bags


@Soylent I’m enjoying Soylent very much and finding out that 7 bags will not be enough for my monthly needs. Can my account please be upgraded to 14 bags? My account email is the same as the one I use here.
I nervous about canceling my order and re-ordering. I don’t want to wait the 6+months I waited for my current subscription.


If you reorder with the same email address that you used on your first order, you won’t have to wait as long. Reorders are generally processed in a couple of weeks.


To add and confirm what @Cobalt said, if you have already received a shipment and use the same email address, you could cancel and reorder a year later and still keep the same priority level. I’ve upgraded by canceling and resubscribing without any problems or delays.


@DtEarth It looks like a member of our email support team upgraded your subscription to 14 bags. Thanks for touching base – glad to hear you’re enjoying enough to want more!


Thanks Soylent and other forum members for answering my question/concerns. Looks like things have been taken care of.